*The Week That Was – 27th July 1981

Single of the week: Channel 3 – I’ve Got a Gun, London PX – Orders, 4 Skins – One Law For Them

27th July 1981
Ist Day off

28th July 1981
Went to town
same as friends

29th July 1981
Guess who got married

30th July 1981
Damned album

31st July 1981
caught smoking yesterday

1st August 1981
Great Rock N Roll Swindle
In A Rut
3 quid (illegible)

2nd August 1981
(no entry)

This week’s chart-topper is: Shakin’ Stevens – Green Door

*The Week That Was – 20th July 1981

Single of the week: Oi – The EP, Flux of Pink Indians – Neu Smell

20th July 1981
Paul Cook eh!
(Paul Cook born 1956)

21st July 1981
I think

22nd July 1981
Guts for sale
Understand this

23rd July 1981
It’s Friday and I still can’t fuckin’ remember what happened today

24th July 1981
Finish school
Got a pack and swapped it (illegible)
Playing cards all-day
Got me ears pierced

25th July 1981
beat Matthew at tennis
7-8, 6-2, 3-6, 7-5, 6-3

26th July 1981

This week’s chart-topper is: The Specials – Ghost Town

*The Week That Was – 13th July 1981

Single of the week: 999 – Lil Red Riding Hood, Siouxsie and the Banshees – Arabian Nights

13th July 1981
This is now Tuesday
I got some leather

14th July 1981
Malcolm Owen 1980 overdose
For Malcolm – Shine On
Athletics again – go to Lychett and Sandford

15th July 1981
1 week to the shit

16th July 1981
Ain’t it boring

17th July 1981
1 week til the end

18th July 1981
Oi – The Album

19th July 1981
Today was (not) really interesting

This week’s chart-topper is: The Specials – Ghost Town

*The Week That Was – 6th July 1981

Single of the week: Bauhaus – Passion of Lovers, Modettes – Tonight

6th July 1981
A good day
Something happened but I can’t remember (July 10)

7th July 1981
Same as yesterday

8th July 1981
East Dorset
1st, 1st and 3rd
Fuckin hot

9th July 1981
Started raining
Fuckin hot and wet

10th July 1981
in Sounds

2nd Feb 2023 – This would have been about the Apocalypse Now tour with Exploited, Discharge, Anti Nowhere League and Chron Gen and not connected with the movie of the same name.

11th July 1981
Strength Thru Oi
Seb Coe breaks another record. YAWN

12th July 1981
Made a tape
Well, half a tape

13th July 1981
This week’s chart-topper is: The Specials – Ghost Town