Bauhaus, Danse Society at Poole Arts Centre – 11th October 1982

Concert setlist found here:
1, Third Uncle
2, Silent Hedges
3, In Fear of Fear
4, The Spy In The Cab
5, Honeymoon Croon
6, Of Lillies And Remains
7, Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
8, Antonin Artaud
9, The Passion of Lovers
10, The Three Shadows Part II.
11, Kick In The Eye
12, In The Flat Field
13, Hollow Hills
14, Stigmata Martyr

23rd May 2022 – According to the above-linked website, someone even has a recording of this set. It’s a pretty great setlist. I have two memories of this show. First, was Peter Murphy dropping down to the floor and being consumed by the overbearing dry ice, to which I stupidly shouted out in the quiet of the ending song, ‘That’s much better!’ And then, at the end, the lights went up and as I had experienced at the only other 4 shows, everyone stamped their feet for an encore which was duly ignored, to much booing. As pre-recorded music was piped in I shouted ‘We paid for live music!’ which drew a modicum of appreciation from those around me. It was a great gig and everyone really did want more because it was so good.