*The Week That Was – 30th January 1984

Record of the week: Aheads -Minuteman, Self Abuse – Batman (Live)
Song of the month – Confessions Of Sin – Loose (Live)

30th January 1984
Didn’t do much today. Physics was quite good – writing for the Bloodstains. Maths was shit. Social Studies was depressing as usual. H.E. was boring – god what am I gonna do? Rung Justin and Paul – had a chat. Hill Street Blues is on again. Nearly finished my book. Got letter from Zoe.

31st January 1984
Not a lot happened today – boring eh? Patchet had a go at me and Kas (?) in R.E. PSCE was boring. Maths was shit, what’s new? B. Studies – yet (?). English was interesting. Had the Bloodstains book taken by Mr King. P.E. was alright. Doing a tape of the Clash for Liz at the moment. Grange Hill was interesting, Glenroy having a go and sticking up for the poor. Had a bath and here I am. Alas, Smith and Jones is on tonight, it was pretty good. Not a lot else.

1st February 1984
Had a bit of fun today. H.E. made a Lemon Delight which we all scoffed. Physics – I took some incense in and Haywire thought it was dope and nearly took me to the Head of Year. Nearly got caught smoking with Vince by Clarke. R.E. did nothing. English – wrote some more Bloodstains. Business Studies – watched a rainbow. Maths was shit. Hell Comes To Your House Part II has been released. Now I’m here and that’s the end. Finished Time Enough For Love.

2nd February 1984
Didn’t do a lot in Art. Slaughtered Chesh in squash. Got bored in Social Studies. Business Studies was boring. English was alright. Saw Mandy Richardson get stuck in a bin. Nicked Liz’s scarf. Might be buying a moped tonight. See you later. Did buy it – it’s jolly cool. Amanda rang – so I told about the gigs. Managed to scrounge a day off school next Thursday to go and see Conflict and 15 other groups down Bournemouth. Started The Satanist.

3rd February 1984
Did fuck all in English. H.E. was boring. Maths was shit. Art was alright. B. Studies was boring. Physics was ace. Heyward wanted volunteers for detention so me and Rat got it. Mine’s next Thursday when I won’t be there. Chris Frost came round and we went round on it. Went down to the chippie and had an accident with it. Went down Hinton Martell, then the club. Bought some fags, saw Carly then came back. Not a lot else.

4th February 1984
Went into Poole. Was with Lisa – Siomn’s girlfriend, til we met Simon. Saw Snowy – the tramp. Then caught the coach to Ilminster – was a laugh. The pub there wouldn’t let us in but everyone managed to get a drink. The gig was good. Self Abuse were their usual self. Breakout were good. We left at 11.30, got back to Paul’s about 1 and watched some videos. Had some of the most silly conversations ever. Andy was getting on everyone’s nerves and I’m thinking of chucking him out of the group.

5th February 1984
Got up at 11.00. Found out last night that the Conflict gig is off. Came back at 12.30, got to Wimborne about 1.10 then came back. Borrowed a load of fanzines off Paul including Flipside. Had a bath. Had a wank. And now I’m here. Fuckin’ knackered. Cat slept on my bed til 1.45 am then decided he wanted to get out.

*The Week That Was – 23rd January 1984

Although the picture is of the Our Price store in Watford in 1984 the Poole store looked very similar.

Records of the week: Black Flag – Machine, Husker Du – Diane

23rd January 1984
Pretty boring compared to yesterday. Physics was quite a laugh. Had a go at Haywire. Mr Shithead Langridge wasn’t here, thank god. H.E. was alright – actually didn’t do fuck all today.

24th January 1984
The week seems to be going fast. Gave out my Christmas card – to 6 people. Got two detentions for being with smokers. Had a laugh in Games and on the bus home. Maybe asking Angie out tomorrow – don’t know yet.

25th January 1984
Wasn’t feeling too well this morning so I didn’t go to school. Was reading and playing records most of the day. Writing letters to Social Distortion and Youth Brigade. Rung Paul. Andy rang. Had a bath. Had a wank. Not a lot else.

26th January 1984
King’s birthday – doesn’t seem to be partying it up. Just been finishing some art – pretty good. Got tape recorder back and made tape of MT, YB, SD etc. Got my detention tomorrow. Not a lot happened today. Angie wasn’t here today. Liz eventually got my Christmas card. Started cleaning up my room. Wall fell down.

27th January 1984
Decided to give out pieces of my wall to people at school. Did my detention – Devon’s Dartmoor – great fun. Gave tape to Vince to borrow. Went down Gaunts with Beki – to get some chips. YUK. Went down club afterwards – saw Carolyn. Amanda wasn’t there.

28th January 1984
Went down Poole – got 3 books and Husker Du 12″. Saw Jim, Rich etc, went into L.F. Kings (?), got some grub. Saw Simon who just missed his girlfriend. Set off a smoke bomb in a lift. Nicked some Fruit Pastilles. Fisher got me a wallet. Did something bad in Our Price – took me records from behind the counter. Saw Chunks and Cracks In The Sidewalk.

29th January 1984
Woke up 20 to 1. Didn’t do much. Pissed off with Mum treating me like a kid. Walked the dog. Had a wank. Had a bath. Watched Brighton (2) v Liverpool (0). Read a bit more of my book. Demolish my wall tonight. Fuckin’ loads came off. Changed my room around

*The Week That Was – 16th January 1984

Record of the week: Confessions of Sin – Loose (Live)

16th January 1984
Pissing down today – difficult to have a fag in school. Made an omelette in H.E. Then made about 15 pancakes cos there was nothing else to do. Chatted to Paul. Final episode of The Prisoner is on tonight – bloody silly it was.

17th January 1984
Elfie got football off the roof. Just had some fun singing along to Social Distortion. Not a lot happened tonight. Not a lot happened today really. Got some ice cream. My mum made an appointment to get my hair cut on Thursday. Did get a letter from Zoe.

18th January 1984
Misfits have got a new LP out £7.50 called Earth AD. Faith have got a new LP as well called Subject To Change. Don’t know whether to stay and watch Butcher or go back to Paul’s on Saturday. Andy reckons it’s being filmed. Nothing else much.

19th January 1984
Got caught being with smokers today. Walked down to Wimborne and got me haircut after school. Mum picked me up after talking to Gibby at parents’ evening – usual shit. Good art lesson today – didn’t do much.

20th January 1984
Another good art lesson today – painted T-shirt. Good H.E. lesson as well. Just rung Andy but he’s not in so I’ll ring tomorrow. Looking forward to gig tomorrow.

21st January 1984
Went down with Jez, Rupert and Kristian to Bournemouth. Found Andy. Did this and that. Went to Dave’s (Self Abuse) – help shift gear in. Me and Dave Parsons and Rut were dancing to Idiom Tribe. Then came Confessions Of Sin who were absolutely fucking amazing. Then came Self Abuse who were ace. Then Butcher (who no one danced to). Was going to go to the Mad Are Sane party but stayed at this kid’s but 3 to a room. Went to sleep at 5.

22nd January 1984
Got up at 9. Had breakfast in Fortes (?). I went up to Triangle. Had to wait one hour for a bus. Got back, met Hayley, Ajax etc. Told them about a good video so they got it and we went to Sharon’s (Fear No Evil) it was fuckin’ ace. Went up to Simon’s. Baldy was there. Smoked some pot and came back smelling bad.

Rat – 10th January 1984

Nibbling ears, chewing cheeks
I’m a rat destroying the weak
The lazy old men in rocking chairs
Some in their coffins after I’ve nibbled their hair
I am the rat eating the rich
I’m not fussy about what or which
Try to catch me but I won’t be caught
Not in the rat traps you have bought
You’ll never catch me whatever you do
Don’t bother trying or I’ll destroy you

22nd May 2023 – Never let the syllable count get in the way of what wants to be said!

*The Week That Was – 9th January 1984

Record of the week: Youth Brigade – Sound and Fury

9th January 1984
Did virtually next to nothing. Managed some maths homework. Not looking forward to tomorrow much as we’re starting school again. Reading and playing darts mainly.

10th January 1984
School again. Went to Wimborne at 7. Got some fags. Went to Simon’s – no one there. Saw Thoms. Met Jim and Ches at Ches’s place. His grandad didn’t like the look of me. Went to Safeways and talked. Lee came along. Dynamo packed in so had to ride back home with no lights getting off every time a car came along. Got back at 10.20.

11th January 1984
School was pretty naff today. Had it’s good points I suppose. Justin said we can’t practice at the place Simon said cos it’s booked up again. Maybe at Herbert Carter or round here somewhere. I couldn’t get hold of Paul about 21st gig. Andy trying to get a coach to Taunton for the Subhumans Feb 4th.

12th January 1984
Thinking about someone called Liz Jameson (?). Me and Vince scrounged another 41p today – spending all our money tomorrow.
Just had a disconcerting call from Paul about Andy. Apparently he reckons I can’t sing and is saying things behind my back. Paul isn’t doing Damaged with him anymore. He’s starting another and wants me to help.

13th January 1984
Not much happened today. Relieved there’s no school tomorrow. Me and Vince spent our money. I’ve got to save as much as possible for 21st. Cat’s pissing around in here at the moment. No practice Sunday. Getting Youth Brigade tomorrow.

14th January 1984
Played football against Purbeck – drew 2-2. Had a laugh on the coach. Went to Poole and got pretty bored. Saw Rupert. Bought the Youth Brigade LP – fuckin’ brilliant. Finishing crucifixion painting. Not a lot else happening at the moment.

15th January 1984
Sharon, Mungo and Kim came up and wanted me to go round to see them – piss off. Woke up 12.30. Had a bath. Played Youth Brigade LP. Trying to get both tape recorders to record but they won’t. Good film on tonight – The Carey Treatment, 2nd part of Battlestar Galactica with Satan in it.

Was actually named Lucifer and no doubt a bad guy but not particularly connected with any religious image.

An Eye For An Eye – 6th January 1984

This is one the bible got wrong
If there wasn’t a bible I couldn’t write this song
If there were no lies, if there were no rules
If there were no politics, if there were no schools
The world would be bliss and I would shut up
An eye for an eye – we’re all gonna die

21st May 2023 – Is ‘an eye for an eye’ from the bible? I thought it was but I was reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Hariri yesterday where he mentions Hammurabi and the laws of the time (1770 BC or thereabouts) and I guess they were parts of societal rules of the time that were passed on down.
Is ‘an eye for an eye’ good? Things have obviously changed over time so which is right?