Atrox, Disciples of the Elder, (A poet), Other Side Of The Fence – Cornwall Hotel, Dorchester, Dorset, UK – 15th March 1985

28th Aug 2022 – Disciples of the Elder, I think was Andy Andersen’s band at the time. I had tried previously to get a band together with him called Violent Rubbish or possibly Satan’s Children (which I self-tattooed on my left wrist) along with Justin Butler on bass and Simon on drums. We had one practice at Justin’s school somewhere in Hamworthy but never got it together for another as we had few transport options and all lived in different towns.

This was my first show singing with Atrox, having finally begged my way into my favourite band and convincing them that having two singers wasn’t a bad thing. It was pretty unusual at the time. I say singer but I always correct myself to say, vocalist. I was so stoked to be up on stage with my new friends and in a band that I considered far superior to Andy’s.

Other Side Of The Fence was Rich Waitland’s band I believe and a couple of years later he would play a small part in my life in another band (Hate That Smile).

My attempt at a Pete Frame family tree, showing how I was connected with ‘real’ bands!

Cottage Industry – Parkstone Labour Club, Poole, Dorset, UK – 6th March 1985

18th Dec 2022 – Cottage Industry was the country band (may have just been solo, not sure now) of our local (Holtwood) youth club leader.
As kids, we had lots of fun fucking around and fucking things up at the youth club, often getting ourselves banned for periods of time.
I guess I was trying to ingratiate myself with him in some way and was also a little interested in learning about things musical as a player so I blagged a ride in the back of his van with the equipment and helped carry it in and out of the venue. I was kinda amused to be in this place, still not quite of drinking age and seemed to enjoy the atmosphere whilst not being particularly interested in the music.
I had grown up through my very early years in the north of England with the local country music scene as my mum’s boyfriend was a guitar player that played a lot at the time. Mum also played folk music at home sometimes too. This Cottage Industry shit certainly wasn’t punk rock and that was all I cared about at the time.
I guessed I learned something from this experience but probably didn’t recognise it at the time.

Just look at this place. I don’t know what I really expect places to look like but this just brings to mind the drabness of England. This picture contains the best of the English colour scheme. The stand-out colour in the picture is a fucking traffic cone.