Family Outing – 30th October 1988

Today’s the day for the family outing
Always the same – Mum and Dad shouting         
Where’s the gloves – my hands will get cold        
Come on darling, you’ve already been told         
So the family ride off into the sun         
At last the family outing has begun       
Some hunters decided to spoil their fun
Shot them dead, every single one

Poems on this day – 24th October 1988

Heaven is a Slag

This sure ain’t my idea of paradise
If this is heaven, it sure is a slag           
All those promises sounded so nice       
But I get the feeling I’ve been had

This is Great

This is bigger than the both of us
We just operate with minimum fuss      
This is great, at least I think it is           
This is great, at least it should be          
That is what you told me         
Now you’ve got a hold of me


I stood on your doorstep
Thought I’d been here before   
For a second I wasn’t sure       
So I knocked on the door        
Come on in, you said  
I left the doorstep behind        
And warmth and comfort I did find       
These crazy ideas are just in my mind


Have you a concept
Of the vastness of the planet?   
There’s just so many things going on     
I don’t understand how can it?  
My own world is so small       
And so is yours as well           
I wonder if it will be like this   
In either heaven or hell?

Gravity Time

This picture isn’t moving
But everything is living          
They are just hanging up there
Just hanging in the air
You can watch your friends die
In slow motion          
The blink of an eye    
Could be no motion  
And it could last forever

Mr Wonderful

Hey, did I ever tell you how good you were?
Did I ever mention about your lovely hair?      
You know your girlfriends are always the best    
All of this and don’t forget the rest        
Did I ever tell you you’re Mr Wonderful?           
No? I guess I just forgot

Poems on this day – 22nd October 1988

Welcome Back to Aggro

He here is, my genuine friend
His violence will reign in the end         
A fist and a boot to see him through      
Hasn’t got anything better to do            
And no one will help him        
And no one can help us

Herbert the Hedgehog

Herbert was my special friend
He spiked his hair just like me
Every single place I went        
He would follow me  
Until that day I bought a car    
I did travel wide and far          
I saw my friend crossing the road         
And I mistook him for a bastard toad     
Oh my god! Was that Herbert?
His guts had been turned to sherbet       
Herbert the Hedgehog is no more         
Now he’s stuck to the floor


I was sick as a parrot
I was sad and depressed          
Now I’m really sorry  
I’m not at my best      

Poems on this day – 21st October 1988

Waiting For You

Just waiting for you to call
I didn’t have to wait at all        
But something said I should hang on     
Now I hope you don’t prove me wrong

Coming Down

Coming down off the ecstasy
Just plain torture and agony     
Leslie Crowther once said to me           
Come on down and be happy   
But all the money in the whole wide world         
Won’t change a thing

Reasonably Pissed A.M.

Hair of the dog
Half-past ten
Reasonably pissed a.m.           
Sat on the bog           
Here we go again       
Reasonably pissed a.m.           
Midday sun arises      
Been up since god knows when            
My memory’s really fading man           
Reasonably something then

Poems on this day – 10th October 1988

Little Fat Lady

Little fat lady, some might say a tent
Can you count up all the money you’ve spent        
Do you remember your lovely holiday in Kent?
When he said OK do you know what he meant?  
Did he ever recieve the flowers that you sent?     
Ladies and gentlemen I have the pleasure to present         
Little fat lady you maybe a little bent

Childs Play

Your kid is now aged three
Twenty years younger than you or me   
Do you think that you’re happy
Do you think your child will be happy?
What have you to offer           
Nothing that I can see
I’m really glad           
That child isn’t me


Bright spark
You took my little red riding manhood  
All is dark    
I know you’d light me up if you could

Poems on this day – 9th October 1988

Boy At Corner

Boy stood waiting at the corner of the church
Smoked a cigarette which made him feel worse
Said they should meet for a final encounter
Said he just couldn’t live without her

Put A Sock In It

Shaddup, shaddup
You got nothing to say
Why say it again?
I’ve heard it anyway
Put a sock in it
Eat my feet
You’re the shoe
I was bound to meet
Like a bonsai
You cut me
Ah, shaddup
You don’t know what you’re talking about


Would you like some tea?
Yes please. One lump or three?
You were always so sweet to me
More like a plum than cherry