Poems on this day – 19th January 1989

In the Car

Guess what I found in the car
It was a two year old chocolate bar
Melted in the heat, under your feet
So I picked it up and threw it in the street           
A young lad came along         
And sensing nothing wrong     
Picked up the bar from where I threw it
And quite innocently began to chew it   
Little did he know, as he ate    
That a fungus had developed of late      
And this began to make him feel great   
But also left him in a state       
The lesson is of course – always eat off a plate

Blot Test

Squashed butterfly
Mashed potato          
Am I Mad?   
Is this NATO?          
I can see quite clearly
There there stands the figure of death    
And he is waiting for me

Fantastic Ocean

You wave as the steamer deserts me
Thinking about you only hurts me        
The sun is tingling from the fantastic sky           
Wishing you the best as we say goodbye            

In Captivity

Behind the bars the monkeys schemed
Forming a plan we’d never dreamed
To take over the human race
And put us in their former place

Poems on this day – 13th January 1989

Mystery Clouds

The mystery clouds are descending
Around the hoverman
Bouncing ’round the window
Clean with a steam
Just in time for Mr Dream
Sick of it?
You’ll need a stick for it
To make it stick
Hoverman has no problem with the mystery clouds
He just thinks them out loud
And falls down proud

On the Beach

On the beach
The procession proceeds into recession
The oppressors aggression
Had good intention
On the beach
The clowns roll around the dunes
To the invisible trumpeter’s tunes