Poems on this day – 21st February 1989

Please Don’t Kill My Queen

If I thought you would understand what I mean
I wish that everything had remained a dream      
A nightmare it has become to seem       
Just please don’t kill my queen

Body Song

My body should dance with joy
But I sense there’s something wrong      
Parts of me aren’t singing        
The same tune as the body song

The Worrier

The worrier died early in life
Left two children and a lovely wife       
Maybe if he hadn’t worried so much      
He’d still be here to touch        
Is life even worth the bother?


Big Ken
Little Ken    
Silly men         
Looked like
Silly men
Still Ken      
Will Ken      
Kill Ken      
And when?

11 o’clock

Meet you in town tomorrow
Have to get some money to borrow       
Be there when I am    
11 o’clock outside Oxfam

Q.E.D – Bacchus – 18th February 1989

10th Jan 2023 – I don’t think there’s anything to add to this – I don’t have the precise date – between 16th Feb and 20th Mar, I don’t know who Q.E.D. were and I don’t remember a venue called Bacchus. This may have been a random visit to a bar and a band was playing, or maybe someone I knew, knew someone in the band and I tagged along to check them out. Either way, I guess nothing memorable really happened this night!