Poems on this day – 20th November 1991

Nothing Short

If I was incredibly beautiful
I would be a lure for all my friends
If I was incredibly beautiful
I’d be sure I’d wet my ends
If I was incredibly beautiful
I wouldn’t have to say anything to anyone
If I was nothing short of beautiful
I’d be short of nothing at all     

Lost Control

Something came over me
I had to get away
I just can’t explain
How I lost control again
So I must apologise
For bringing all this sorrow
‘Cos somehow I know
I’ll lose control again tomorrow

I Fart

Goddamn I can’t stop farting
Every time I bend over
And my cheeks pull apart
I fart

I’m Not Him

I’m not him
Please don’t dream I am
If the image scares you
Remember who I am
I won’t hurt you
In any shape or form
Remember who I am 
I am Shaun

Poems on this day – 18th November 1991


What is it that has possessed me to chase you?
It took all my courage to come ’round and face you
Something so important made me approach with care
And now that I need you, you didn’t want to be there
Your choice may be wise and you’ll feel no pain  
I guess I found it hard to explain
That my feelings ran much deeper than you’d thought
And it was happiness with you that I sought

Different Stance

It’s the same old story
I guess I’ll never learn
Time for  a different stance
Time for my turn
But will I recognize the looks
If I was given half a chance
Reckon I’ll spend my days just searching
for that different stance

Back to the Book

Back to you my faithful friend
Something I can turn to near the end
To reflect on all those things I’ve done
To remember them one by one
Some things were happy and others maybe not
But you should be content with what you’ve got
Back to the book to write this script
During another occasion when I tripped


What in God’s name is the matter with you?
Nothing’s gone right, even from the start
Try to drag yourself up from the dead pool
But you go to bed with murder in your heart