What’s Cool and Unusual re-subscription – 21st August 2007

Pic: Melbourne’s DEAD playing in the Trafalgar Street kitchen 2010

due to wariness of who is currently on this list i will no longer be sending cool and unusual updates.

i will however be starting a new list – you will have to re-register to be on the list i’m afraid.
you can do this by sending me an email directly (to tenzenmen@tenzenmen.com) and stating how you know me!
i will then add you to the list and you will still have to validate your email address.

i’m sorry to do this but it’s in an effort to protect certain spaces under threat from closure.

all current email addresses will be removed in one weeks time.  this is the last reminder.

++  i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there  ++

15th May 2021 – This looks like the first time I had to cancel the Cool and Unusual subscriptions as there seemed to be too many instances of venues and shows getting shut down and there may have been infiltrators on the list as subscriptions were originally open to anyone. A little paranoid maybe but I wanted to protect our little amazing scene for as long as possible. For more background on these underground scenes in Sydney, this article by Alyssa Critchley for Cyclic Defrost is a good read.