What’s Cool and Unusual – 19th December 2007

wed 19

 la Campana, 53-55 liverpool st, the spanish 1/4, Sydney.


 FREE! Guest DJ handspun



The Dagger Brothers (UK)

Sounds like cris noyles singing in the shower

The Lunettes

first there was 4 flat maracas, but we lost our ‘rehearsal space’, then it was 2 with a minidisc and a mike and a farfisa, and a bass, then the croyds and production through our shiny shiny friends at stb, next the world

Lecter Macabre

During the 4th World War, the elemental nature of science was changed and formed a new kind of music. People over the last 7 billion years have argued about it’s origins and small rodents have fallen asleep to the tonal variation it creates. ARE YOU AWAKE? Lecter Macabre eats food, breathes air and drinks liquid. They are two men. One is a member of Sydney group TRIANGLE. He is the mouth sound. He is Dr. Lecter. The other is the former member of a radio show on 2SER known as Music For Big Game Hunting. He waves his hands and creates magic sounds from the antenna. He is Dr. Kklarence S. Macabre.

 If you choose now it may be too early. If you choose in one second’s time it may be too late

Hinterlandt (germany)

Hinterlandt was founded by Jochen Gutsch after years of playing in underground bands such as Feedback Recycling, Buckethead (the German band), Professor, Home Of The Lame, Suckspeed, and others. Jochen moved from Hannover/Germany to Sydney/Australia in 2000 and relocated to Bonn/Germany in 2004. Hinterlandt moved along. Hinterlandt’s output is constantly changing. Initially a wild experimental music project, Hinterlandt soon embraced electronic music as a key aspect of production. Carefully, vocal lines and guitars were introduced, and before you knew it, there was a bunch of semi-electronic pop songs. Recently, some unexpected heavy riffs and pounding drums could be heard outside secret rehearsal locations, so the next change might be right around the corner.

Hinterlandt Live Incarnations

Phase III (Current): Hinterlandt is a rock trio, helped by loud amplifiers and heaps of old-school effect pedals. Jochen Gutsch on guitar, vocals and trumpet is accompanied by old friends Felix Gebhard (Home Of The Lame) on bass and Hilmar Voigt (ex-Buckethead) on drums.

Phase II (2004-2006): Hinterlandt operated as a one-man band playing left-of-centre indietronics, with multi-instrumentalist Jochen Gutsch as the only member. About 60 solo shows were played in Lisbon, Helsinki, Cologne, Rome, Berlin, London, Hamburg, Amsterdam and other cities. Solo performances might still happen occasionally.

Phase I (2002-2004): Hinterlandt started playing live as an improvised collective, featuring up to 20 musicians around Jochen Gutsch. About 20 shows of decidedly experimental sound/ambient/noise music were played in Australia.


the food not bombs camp out due to happen this weekend has been cancelled unfortunately. ++++++++++++++++++++++++

wed 26

mgtvle – all ages

 4pm start $?

 severed head of state, vae victis, shitfight + more?


just heard about a kinda private NYE party which will be in a warehouse setting in marrickville somewhere. buzz me if you’re interested in going. supposedly ten bands playing!


thanks to everyone who helped me out in anyway this year and thanks to all those involved in supporting each other with various endeavours outside the mainstream.



 ++ i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there ++