What’s Cool and Unusual – 27th February 2008

Picture from Feedbacker blog – Scum System Kill at Maggotville

wed 27

consolador de dos caras
la campana, 53-55 liverpool st, sydney
$5 8pm

frequestra, oddfoot, nick(toy death) + hiro(defektro), marquis de sound

lots of live DIY electronics this week as well as the usual dj’s and diy markets
if you have some things to sell then bring them along and set up a stall!


thu 28

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price film screening

MGTVLE, 40 fitzroy street, marrickville
8pm $2 donation

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price is the documentary film sensation that’s changing the largest company on earth. The film features the deeply personal stories and everyday lives of families and communities struggling to survive in a Wal-Mart world. It’s an emotional journey that will challenge the way you think, feel… and shop.

Released simultaneously in theaters and DVD in November 2005, the film has been seen by millions worldwide. Families, churches, schools, and small busineses owners have screened the film over 10,000 times and the world is taking notice. See the film, share it, and become part of the movement forcing companies to act responsibly.

see bravenewfilms.org to find out more about these doco’s and alternative media.

14th May 2021 – I came across a few cultural documentaries I thought others may be interested to see, so borrowed a projector and talked to the good people of Maggotville and set up these screenings – I think we did four in total.


fri 29

Reminder – Public Forum Friday 29 February
Visiting US Labor Leader & Unions in the Anti-War Movement

Mark the date in your diary and come along for a great opportunity to hear about the US Labor Movement’s efforts resisting Bush’s war on Iraq and supporting workers and unionists inside Iraq.

Kathy Black, Co-convenor of US Labor Against the War (USLAW) and President of Coalition of LaborPublic  Union Women (CLUW), will be on a National Speaking Tour of Australia between 28 February and 16 March, when she will address the Iraq Peace Rally in Sydney to commemorate the 5th Anniversary of the Iraq War. 

US Labor Against the War ( http://www.uslaboragainstwar.org/) has played an important role within the US mobilising labour movement support for the anti-war campaign, under the slogan “Unions Yes, War No”. USLAW have also made links and supported unions inside Iraq.

The Public Forum on Friday 29 February will be an opportunity for dialogue between Australian and US unions and to hear first hand about USLAW anti-war campaigns as well as the opposition to the Iraqi Oil privatisation laws from unions and workers inside Iraq. Kathy will give a presentation on the real costs of war and what this means for working people in the US and Iraq, following a recent paper by Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes showing that the total cost of the Iraq war to the United States will be $2 trillion or even higher.

10am Friday 29 February
Unions NSW Auditorium
Ground Level, Trades Hall
Enter via Labor Council Building, 377-383 Sussex St, Sydney
Light Refreshments provided following the public forum
RSVP by Wednesday 27 February for catering purposes to Antoinette Abboud aabboud@unionaidabroad.org.au   or 02 92649343


fri 29

MGTVLE, 40 fitzroy street, marrickville
8pm $?



fri 29

a where(?)house near central
8pm $?

Castings, Ian Wadley, The Garbage & The Flowers, Milenasong

email me if you need location details


sat 1

hornsby pcyc, 94 george st, hornsby (next to train station)
$5 6pm

mind expansion kit, call the medic! call the nurse!, euripides berserker, shape, anti midas

14th May 2021 – I was so impressed with Euripedes Berserker at this show that I facilitated a posthumous release of their recordings and established a long running friendship with guitarist/singer and all round good guy, Dave Drayton.


sat 1

WHAT: Westleigh, NSW, Australia screening of Garbage!
WHEN: Saturday, March 01 2008 07:30 PM

Attending this movie screening is a small, but important, step you can take towards saving the world from global warming.
This screening of the film “Garbage” is timed perfectly to inspire us all to help out the environment starting from Sunday the 2nd March “Clean Up Australia” day! then March 29th is Earth Hour in which cities worldwide will take part turning off lights to raise awareness of global warming.

HOSTED BY: Joss Johns

WHERE: Club House
Sanctuary Gardens
Westleigh, NSW, Australia 2120

DIRECTIONS: The Sanctuary Club House is located in Sanctuary Gardens off Duffy Ave or Sefton Ave of Westleigh. You will find the club house on the street simply known as The Sanctuary.

see bravenewtheaters.com to find out more about these doco’s and alternative media.


please forward to anyone you know who may be interested! (reply to this email and i’ll pass on the details)

-People with distros, authors, zine writers and artists to come
sell/exchange their wares on this day! They can come and set up by
1pm. Fee is $5. All proceeds go to Jura Books.

-more book/writing orientated activities, eg. someone to teach
bookbinding/hold reading circles/adjudicate mock debates.

Details so far:

LET’S TALK ABOUT TEXT book, zine and music fair
440 Parramatta Rd

Music from 2pm:
Strangers (NZ)
When Chimps Attack
Do Not Resuscitate

Vegan food by FOOD NOT BOMBS


There will be:
-1pm skillshare huddle/DIY living discussion with everyone!!! just
turn up, introduce yourself and see what you wanna learn!

-a zine-making /advice table and origami nerdouts facilitated by Steph Thaw and Luke Subverts
-woolly story-telling/knitting lessons with Miss Helen
-make awesome stencils with Bekkah
-make messages with needle and thread (info on sewing and patches) with Kira
-active listening/sharing and caring skills with Bekkah
-a vegan cupcake station with icing options, etc, facilitated by Kat Thaw
-alternatives to consumer feminine hygiene products (with Kira)
-drawing jam space (unfacilitated)
-writing jam corner (unfacilitated)
-book binding (looking for someone to facilitate!)



i keep forgetting to mention my distro which i often cart around and setup at shows.  i stock a wide range of alternative music from all over the world – you can check out the list here: http://www.tenzenmen.com/distro/TZM_distro.shtml

new stock this week are two 7″ releases from the UK documenting the rise of independent music in beijing.  first is a split 7″ with   joyside and the scoff (two drunk on life rock n roll bands) and second a 7″ by sonic youth favourites car-sick cars.  both are beautifully packaged and $10 each.


one last shout out whilst i remember.

i’ve gotten some new ‘lucas stories’ recently (check them out here: http://www.tenzenmen.com/lucas/TZM_lucas.shtml).  but i need more!  if you have any crazy tales from the life of lucas abela (aka justice yeldham, dj smallcock, a kombi etc) please email them to me.

++  i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there  ++

SCUL HAZZARDs – Last Few Bucks – 1st February 2008

Cat #: 014TZM

All tracks taken from the Let Them Sink album. This 7″ was supposed to be available in time for the band’s 2008 Australian tour but due to multiple fuck ups with the pressing company, Zenith Records in Melbourne, arrived too late. tenzenmen was threatened to be sued by Zenith at this time as I warned other people about the problems there. The owner was a particularly unpleasant person who upset many others too. After this experience I vowed never to deal with them again.

As this was a long time ago, and I believe Zenith is still pressing vinyl, I believe the situation has changed there, with new ownership and reports of better product supply. Don’t take this decade plus story as an indication of current news.