What’s Cool and Unusual – 30th July 2008

wed 30

consolador de dos caras
la campana, 53-55 liverpool st, sydney
8pm $5

KRYSTOFFKRVSTOFFISTON – Also drawing some degree of inspiration from the black stream (though concerned more with depressive ambience over hammering repetition), duo Kkriskristoffiston are just as likely to disgust BM purists. From dehidrated northcote dusty lungs full of grief and god’s wrath splutter forth omnipitant pain and anguish. coroading twin neck guitar and organ acompany these death throughs only barely riseing from collapsing in heat stroke, this is mottled Southern Hemisphree Black & White Metal!!!! other projects ST John’s Ambience, MOFFARFARRAH, Collapsed Toilet Vietnam, WhiteHorse, MofHoRah, Malakat, Slotholith, 1/16th headed, Dumb Crystals, Paeces, MFFRvsBNS, EOH,Kimberly, Bohemian Knights, Alley oops (ex-Slam Dunk!) and Half man Half Moffafarrah -Also drawing some
degree of inspiration from the black stream (though concerned more with depressive ambience over hammering repetition), duo Kkriskristoffiston are just as likely to disgust BM purists. From dehidrated northcote dusty lungs full of grief and god’s wrath splutter forth omnipitant pain and anguish. coroading twin neck guitar and organ acompany these death throughs only barely riseing from collapsing in heat stroke, this is mottled Southern Hemisphree Black & White Metal!!!! other projects ST John’s Ambience, MOFFARFARRAH, Collapsed Toilet Vietnam, WhiteHorse, MofHoRah, Malakat, Slotholith, 1/16th headed, Dumb Crystals, Paeces, MFFRvsBNS, EOH,Kimberly, Bohemian Knights, Alley oops (ex-Slam Dunk!) and Half man Half Moffafarrah

FAMILY JEWELS – A one man power electronics boogie band. Nic Warnock of Circle Pit and Onani playing analogue synthesizer, cassette four track loops and delayed/distorted vocals. Influence from his limited knowledge of early electronic music, Royal Trux, DJ Screw, Whitehouse and Alan Vega.

PEE WEE. – Killer garage/surf tinged punk rock featuring members of Straight Arrows and Dead Farmers. For fans of  the Ramones, pizza, partying, practical jokes, getting wild, Dead Farmers and Straight Arrows.

if you want to sell something, bring it along to the DIY markets and set up on a table.


wed 30

Date:        Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Time:        7:00pm – 10:00pm
Location:          SYDNEY / Jimmy Sing’s Record Stand
Street:            302 Cleveland St. Surry Hills.
City/Town:City of Sydney, Australia

Come learn why wrestling is THE great artform of the 21st century while watching some of the most spectacular matches of recent years with Sydney’s greatest Pro-Wrestling expert, SHANE McGRATH.

Between the steroids and painkiller abuse, shitty working conditions, combat-zone mortality rate, and badly-acted, badly-written storylines, pro-wrestling may be literally the worst industry in the

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome!

From corporate arena spectacle to low-budget shows in high-school gyms, this is a night not to be missed. Oh my God, not the Death Valley Driver onto the ladder!

This one’s going to be a slobberknocker, folks.

****** !!! ****** !!! ****** !!! ****** !!! ****** !!! ****** !!! ****** !!! ******



fri 1

44 fitzroy st, marrickville
8pm $?

the focus, the diamond sea, hee haw, former republics


sat 2

louie’s, 34 murray st, marrickville
8pm $8

fangs of satanic soccer moms, the thaw, hee haw, blackie (solo), the focus


sat 2

Black Rose Movie Night: Office Space (1999) Mike Judge
@ 22 enmore rd newtown

from 5pm
entry by donation [$5 suggested]

Peter Gibbons just can’t seem to catch a break. His girlfriend is cheating on him, he has an obnoxious neighbor, and he’s completely miserable with his job as a small cog in a company called Initech.
Then he visits a hypnotherapist, who dies just after putting Peter into a state of complete bliss. Free of worrying about making a living, he no longer feels the need to keep his job,

Date:                          Saturday 2 August 2008
Time:                          17:00 – 19:00  (GMT +10:00)
Location:                      Black Rose Anarchist Books
Street:                        22 Enmore Rd
City State Postcode:                       Newtown
Phone:                         0424490792


sun 3

akemi, great western highway, medlow bath

Coming up at Akemi on this Sunday, 3rd August is a night of quality acoustic folk, featuring two acts: Lime and Steel, and Five Leaves Left.

Lime and Steel play original songs, with harmonies sung with distinctly Australian flavour.   They also throw in generous helping of Irish influence, and a touch of bluegrass influenced banjo and some sweet mandolin picking. (myspace.com/bensong)

Five Leaves Left features singer-songwriter and fingerpicking guitarist Nick Szenkuti. They do some fine folk/blues originals and covers, with a line-up that usually includes Mary Jones on flute, Simon Watts, on fiddle, with Ian
Morrison brushing up percussive goodness. (http://www.myspace.com/szentkuti)

We plan on having a session of Irish Tunes after the gig, so bring your instruments, all you diddly-people.

It’ll be an easy-going toasty loungeroomy gig.  BYO, and Akemi folks sometimes put on a pot of stew or the like, for which you are allowed make a small donation if you feel like clocking up some good karma.

Cover on the door is $5

Feel free to forward this to all your friends

++  i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there  ++

What’s Cool and Unusual – 23rd July 2008

Hey from all at Dirty Shirlows, here’s an update:

Dirty Shirlows is still operating and is in no danger of being shut down. However, due to complaints from cops about so-called “dance parties” (the rumours aren’t true!) we have been forced to lie low for the next couple of months. 

At this stage we’re in limbo and can’t really tell you much more apart from the fact that we’re on a mission to make sure Shirlows survives so you can expect more Shirlows gigs at a hopefully not to distant point down the track. Also, an art gallery…..

In the meantime the space is open for other business, namley for rehearsals / meetings (a huge amount of space).. The P.A. is still wicked and noise is not an issue. Rates are competitive. Give Shirlows a buzz on 0295**** or B*** on 0402*** or email dirtys**@**mail.com

 Also we wanted to say a big thankyou to everyone who has supported the space so far by booking gigs, rehearsals, coming along, helping us out with council dramas and generally being awesome. 

Keep an eye out…. and see you soon….

fri 25

Blackrose, 22 enmore rd, newtown
6pm – 9pm donations

Spoken Words
w/ Pi O + Guests

Spoken word, poetry, readings and open mic.


sat 26

FNB Serving
Martin Luther King mural on King st, Newtown

Regular Food Not Bombs serving has moved to the ‘I have a dream mural’
on king st. Our first serving will be this weekend! Come help FNB at
Jura books (cooking starts at 12pm-1pm) or pike out and just eat at
our serving.

++  i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there  ++

Maintaining viable underground performance spaces in Sydney – 17th July 2008

On Thu, Jul 17 Dirty Shirlow <dirtys***@gmail.com> wrote:

We had some bad news from the council last night, was wondering if you could urgently post this on the mailing list?


Cut To Bits is looking for a new venue!!!
Can you help?
If you have a space/ warehouse / place to house this awesome gig on Saturday 19th July (i.e. this coming sat) please let us know!
Contact David : d***@****mail.com or phone 041*******



Basically the council received 2 cop reports from 2 gigs which went on past midnight. The council and cops were fine with everything it seems until we went past our legal operating hours (10 am to 12 pm).

The letter wasn’t too rough and the warehouse owners live overseas so we should be ok but we have had to slow down all operations and will be applying for an arts licence or venue licence asap.

Do you have a email group for all the warehouses operating around Marrickville? I think we should be keeping everyone in the loop with council and cop struggles so that these places can remain in operation. Perhaps it is something I should start up?

I don’t really want to spread this info too far at the moment, only to people who may jeopardise their space by doing a similar thing. We don’t want that.

I’m going to sit down tonight and formulate a letter type thing to email out to this mailing list once we know more, if that’s ok with you?

Also would it be possible to grab a contact for Red Rattler? I’d like to have a chat to the grrrls about how they made thier space legal, how much it’s costing etc ect and if they were able to strike a deal with the council easliy.

Thanks for all your help!


On Thu, Jul 17, shaun <kb***@**mail.com> wrote:
Hey B*** – that sucks!  Will the July 28th show still be ok (remember we’d like to finish around 10.30 for that one) or should I look for somewhere else?
For the Red Rattler contact P*** on 042***
I don’t have a seperate list for warehouse spaces in the area at this stage
Hope we can work it out!

On Thu, Jul 17 Dirty Shirlow <dirtys***@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Shaun,

Let me talk to everyone tonight. The other issue is the number of people.

To be honest I think it will be a no but let me confirm this eve with the Shirlows. The plan is to resume gigs in Sept. Might be good to sound other spaces out (should be easy as hell for you to find somewhere else though) now but i’ll let you know tonight anyway.

Thanks for P***’s contact, might have a meeting with her when she’s next available.

On Fri, Jul 18 Dirty Shirlow <dirtys***@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Shaun,

We can’t go ahead with that date I’m afraid. Sorry, would just be stupid under the circumstances.

I’ve got the crappy job of letting whose booked until September slowly know. First preferences for gigs past Sept go to people who we’ve had to cancel on. I’m going to finish this process and then send a Shirlow update to your mailing list and ours if that’s ok.

Also there’s a new venue for Cut to Bits:

Cnr of Lawson street and regent street Redfern.

Thanks for all your help!


On Fri, Jul 18 shaun <kb***@**mail.com> wrote:
Ok no worries – I’ll see what I can do.
What’s the council’s actual beef?  Have there been noise complaints?

On Fri, Jul 18 Dirty Shirlow <dirtys***@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Shaun,
The problem is that the police reported 2 gigs as ‘dance parties’ (utter crap) to the council., mainly concerned about us operating past midnight.

They also had a minor concern about the number of people there but I think we can account for that with ‘industry launches’ and ‘ private parties’.

No noise complaints as far as I’m aware.


On Fri, Jul 18 shaun <kb***@**mail.com> wrote:
Hmm – and what is it they want you to do as such?  Have they threatened anything?
Looks like I can move my show to Louie’s – gets confirmed tomorrow

On Fri, Jul 18 Dirty Shirlow <dirtys***@gmail.com> wrote:
No threats just a letter stating ‘we think that you are doing this and you do not have approval to, we suggest that you apply for something else’…

11th Jul 2021 – The issues in this email were common for the DIY warehouse spaces around Marrickville at the time. It seemed to happen a lot to Dirty Shirlows unfortunately. They soldiered on, like many spaces, for a few years. The shows in these spaces brought lots of artists and fans into the area and with so many rules around entries and exits, toilets per person etc, the council and cops had any number of possibilities to get spaces shut down. It was amazing that so many lasted as long as they did. Eventually a collective got together to purchase one of the warehouses to make a permanent space available called the Red Rattler. Those folks had to spend a small fortune for compliance but eventually it got off the ground to provide a legitimate DIY venue in the area. They still constantly got hassled though. The Cut to Bits space mentioned I’d never been to and have no memory of at all, so despite having my finger supposedly on the pulse with all things underground in Sydney, there were still lots of other ventures happening around. It was a good time for DIY music scenes in Sydney and it felt like everyone was working together to keep things going.

What’s Cool and Unusual – 16th July 2008

wed 16

la campana, 53-55 liverpool st, sydney

dualpLOVER in conjunction with 2SER and tenzenmen present club

this week cloth ear presents:

Matthew Hopkins and Jonathon Hochman – like wizards with electronic devices , may have mind probes so approach with caution beware matthew hopkins’s future time travel machine. DON’T LOOK INTO THEIR EYES WHILE THEY ARE PLAYING OR YOU MIGHT FIND YOURSELF IN THE FUTURE.

XWAVE – loud abrasive noisy c**ts from the mountains.Like wizards with apples and heroin , weird horrible / beautiful sound that will make you feel extremely happysad

Cabaret Callado (Brazil) –  new folk album “Mecanismo Objeto” is almost ready , don’t miss the brazillian master of psychedelic neo folk in another rare solo appearance.

plus usual DIY markets and crazy dj’s in the front room

$5 is all it takes for a good wednesday night out.



wed 16

message from lloyd:

Yeah that’s right, another email from some ‘struggling artist’ (read: some dude making horrible music that you aren’t going to come see anyway) about some gig that will either be cancelled at the last minute due to venue/transport/amp/zombie army/irreconcilable-dispute-between-band-member troubles or simply three people will show up to (the promoter, one band member’s girlfriend and some guy who just heard that Naked on the Vague were
playing even though they’re not).

Wednesday night I’m taking part in a revised version of Brendan Walls’ gamepiece “Chess” that was debuted at the NOW now festival at the beginning of this year.  Also playing are the Walls himself and James Iha from the Smashing Pumpkins.  Or Title Records, I’m not entirely sure.  Either way, about a hundred amps, little noisy thingies, a chess board and a banjo will be used to make transcendental blah blah blah you’re not listening.  WHO SAID POST-MODERN MUSIC WAS DEAD?  

If you’ve actually read this far and are still interested then (what the hell?) it’s taking place at 405 hibernian
house (342 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills, just across from central station) and we’ll be playing with other collectives/bands/people/”musicians”.  No idea who because there has been precisely zero promotion for this event.  Big


fri 18

Friday July 18th @where?house

CASTINGS, KITCHENS FLOOR, 2779 + a mystery group that may involve members of Vincent Over The Sink

8pm opening…$8 entry

_Castings will probably play first.

_Kitchens Floor are from Brisbane. Matt (Look Pond, Minxx) and Julia play beautiful, eccentric, minimalist acoustic pop music. they are one of the best young groups in the country today in my not-so-humble opinion. think of Beat Happening, Neu and ”Hi, How Are You?” at a house party and you are close.

fuck! where do i start. trance-inducing but jaw dropping at the same time, this group from the mountains consists of Ben, Adam (Stasis Duo / XWave) and Matt (xNOBBQx / Stasis Duo). fucked up psych/noise/garage/punk/primitive/minimalist bliss. fuck No New York, come see 2779!

message me or myspace.com/castings for the where?abouts or the venue.


sat 19

red rattler, 6 faversham street, marrickville
7pm $5

scooter presents

go go go go (brisbane)
haisha haisha

awesome new venue in marrickville!  please support this space as a lot of people have invested a LOT of money and time in this place!  totally legal too!


sat 19

Louie’s: 34 Murray Street, Marrickville.
Saturday, July 19, 2008 at 8:00pm

KITCHENS FLOOR – World’s nicest dude Matt (also da main-man in Look!Pond) and buddy Julia playing killer outsider folk/pop tunes. Bloody great songwriters! All the way from Brisbane. *Also playing at the where?house Saturday night.

CIRCLE PIT – Wall-o-sound heavy boogie rock in full force five piece mode. Bound to be the headbangers ball.

ALPS – Resident of Newcastle/the world Chris Hearn armed with a Yamaha Keyboard, Xylophone, Drum machine, cassette recorder, two hands, voice etc. Great lo-fi pop. Some songs are uppers, others are total downers.

PEE WEE – 100% fun!!! Teenagery punx with a surf/garage vibe featuring members of Straight Arrows and Dead Farmers. DA ULTIMATE PARTY BAND.

BABY COFFIN – Lloyd Honeybrook of the much hated Happy Go Hate Fuck on amplified sax and Brendan Walls of the much hated Menstruation Sisters on bass (i think??). Their first live show, got high hopes
for this one!



sat 19

dirty shirlows, 32 shirlow st, marrickville
cut to bits

xian vs b.i.n.t.
dj rainbow ejaculation
dj anal erection
unhappy animals make bad meat

$5 9pm


mark this one in your diaries

MONDAY July 28th at
dirty shirlows, 32 shirlow st, marrickville

$10 8pm first band

“Not only are Graf Orlock’s tunes uproariously nihilistic but concise and poignant, morphing the innovative savagery of Pig Destroyer and Brutal Truth with scathing punk cynicism. ”Corpserate Greed”’s two minutes and 18 seconds careen around three priceless Joe Pantoliano samples. In the movie he plays a variation of what expert ’80s action deconstructionists Ruthless Reviews call ”the Stupid Chief,” breathlessly berating Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s body count for necessitating, yes, ”detectives detecting shit” and forensic teams having to stick corpses ”back in the fucking
bags.” It’s trivial, silly blockbuster ear candy, but the decontextualization and shuffling of the dialogue makes for an artful, grotesque exchange that couldn’t be more metal. Pantoliano’s tantrums buffer neck-snapping blastbeats, bad cop/worse cop freakouts and curiously enough Hatebreed-style staccato, which is all that’s left by the militaristic outro. On an EP heavy on Alien worship, is Graf Orlock’s Bad Boys II nod simply wink-wink turd-polishing? Or is Michael Bay’s cash-cow clusterfuck like Reagan-era staples Red Dawn, Invasion USA or Commando representative of something
sociopolitically deeper and darker?”

early warning on this one as it’s a monday night.  please venture out for this if you can as the touring bands specifically requested to have an ALL AGES show in sydney and this was the only free night.

++  i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there  ++

What’s Cool and Unusual – 9th July 2008

wed 9

Club Consolador De Dos Caras
La Campana

back room – Nikko, simo sooo, turds of prey, pink Space Bike Race

Aaron (Turds of Prey/Un/Pure Evil Trio) and that looks like me in the background there.

sat 12

Static Age Festival:
Dirty Shirlows, 32 Shirlow Street, Marrickville 
2pm- midnight