When Chimps Attack – 25th December 2009

Cat #: 031TZM

In Sydney bands come and go like the breeze and When Chimps Attack are no exception.  4 dudes, mid to late twenty somethings came from out of nowhere to absolutely blast their stamp on the Sydney music scene and as quickly as they came it was over.  Various band members lived in huts in the jungles of South East Asia and one followed his heart to South America where, stepping off the plane he wondered ‘what the fuck am I doing here!?’  And then they were back. More brutal and more vicious than ever. 

And then they were gone again!  Destination Europe this time.  In between all the travels, gigs were played, shows filmed (Super 8 Diaries launch) and recorded plus some studio time in there too. And finally Santa is bringing it to you on Christmas Day.  A perfect CD collection featuring studio, live and rehearsal tracks – some familiar, others less so. This superb release on long time support label tenzenmen will be available via Paypal on the 25th of December and in shops after the new year. 

Often remembered for their nerve calming alcohol intake pre show, audiences stood mouths agape at the super tight hardcore ala Breadwinner, Oxes and Don Caballero.  What the fuck!  Who werethose guys? 

“Pummeling riffs, chainsaw vocals, MUCHO TIME SIG HEAVEN!!” said Matt Richards from 20/20 Trainwreck who was so impressed he invited the band to perform at the launch of the Super 8 Diaries show.  Other fans are difficult to quote as they’re often too stunned to find the right words, “..that second riff……”, “…the drums…” etc etc.  Number one fan, Shaun from tenzenmen, sums up his feelings outrageously stating “I want to say that I think When Chimps Attack could be the best band I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”  And that’s something from someone who saw Nirvana live in the Eighties and the Boredoms in the early Nineties! 

So, out of action yet again (at least in their home country) and in pursuit of other things life brings, let this CD tide you over until they can once again be reunited to bring that ferocious sound to stages across Australia.  It will happen.  tenzenmen says so. 

Available from Christmas Day online and in all good record stores thereafter, the When Chimps Attack CD collects 17 tracks of studio and live recordings and will cost just $10 postpaid.