SCUL HAZZARDs – Landlord – 1st February 2010

Cat #: 034TZM

Around 2 years ago SCUL HAZZARDs made the big leap from Brisbane to London, playing over 100 shows, releasing 2 vinyl full length albums, working dead end jobs and generally impressing everyone that came across them. Now, finally, they’re back, straight into a tour in February ending up located in Melbourne. To coincide with the tour tenzenmen will release SCUL HAZZARDs second LP ‘Landlord’ for the first time on CD. For those fans seeking the first LP ‘Let Them Sink’, these tracks will also become available via the iTunes Store. 

First quote on their return came from drummer Leigh Fischer simply stating ‘It’s fucking hot here’. Elaborating further the band have decided to return home simply to earn more money to take themselves back out on the road and return for more overseas jaunts and reminding Australian fans that they are still alive and kicking as much as ever. With two albums worth of mostly unheard (on these shores) material to draw from, their shows are sure to be incendiary and the ‘Landlord’ CD captures their dynamic noise rock sound perfectly. Think Jesus Lizard heaviness mixed with Shellac lightness all with an Aussie twist thrown in. They play hard – so listen loud. 

“SCUL HAZZARDs have done nothing but show that they have the visceral edge to keep it fresh and inspiring in the present day…. for anyone that enjoys their rock with a bit of complexity and razor sharp squall…” states one reviewer of ‘Landlord’ but don’t just take their word for it, come and see it for real! Steven, Leigh and Tiffany are ready to rock your socks off. Tiffany commands the stage with real rock ‘n’ roll swagger literally trying to kill you with her presence and bass depth, whilst Steven, more demure in comparison, screams his vitriol and jags his guitar off to the side. Pay close attention to drummer Leigh and you’ll hear this is no ordinary dutiful rhythm section – it’s as if the bassist and drummer have switched instruments but are still playing them the same way. 

Fast Canoe – Machine Codes – 1st February 2010

Cat #: 012TZM

Recorded during the lead up to the turn of the century by two established, yet unnamed, experimental recording artists. Finally released in 2010 in this special delicate format (3 mini CDs mounted on a glass picture frame) in a run of 33 copies (of which several were unfortunately destroyed). 

Please note Machine Codes may vary.

Made by Mister A and Mister B. 

Released in conjunction with Lesstalk Records –

Zoo – Trilogi Peradaban – 1st February 2010

Cat #: 029TZM

Musically Zoo unleash some crazy traditionally inspired rhythms, driven by the bass and drums while Rully Sherman uses his voice in all sorts of ways to deliver their message. That description sounds bare and sparse but Zoo are anything but. Think along the lines of Japanese masters Ruins but shorter bursts of punk energy. The trilogy is a statement about evolution and the CD evolves in a similar fashion too, from the frenetic pace of the early tracks to the more melancholy and meandering thoughts approaching the end where traditional Indonesian instruments are utilised, perhaps to signify a return to a more grounded life away from the craziness of our modern lives.