Ya Aha – Novelty – 1st June 2010

Cat #: 042TZM

These folks approached me with an already pressed disc and wanting to be part of tenzenmen. I liked their music well enough though find the vocals a little lacking on this recording. Live they really killed it though. I often ended up working with folks that approached me for help regardless of whether I loved their music or not – sometimes not even listening fully until it was released. I figured if anyone thought enough of tenzenmen to want to work together then they were worth a shot.

Fanzui Xiangfa/Daighila – 1st June 2010

Cat #: 028TZM

The Fanzui Xiangfa / Daighila split 7″ came about after Fanzui Xiangfa’s 2009 SE Asia Tour. The two bands played together in Malaysia and Singapore discovering their common love for hardcore and devotion to the DIY scene. Fanzui Xiangfa’s side is a collection of newer songs in their typical oldschool style reminiscent of DS-13. While Daighila brings three raging screamo tracks that encompass elements from many different classic schools of hardcore. Taken together the split represents two of the most exciting bands from China and Malaysia.