Bikini Eyebolt – 28th March 2012

Cat #: 090TZM

Bikini Eyebolt (Jace from DEAD, guitar and vocals) existed in Melbourne from 2007 – 2008. They sound a bit like Wire with East Bay Ray accidently walking into the wrong rehearsal room with a touch of 90’s Am-Rep scuzz. Like a bloody good pop record, with lots of good hooks and nifty ideas but nothing like the condescending fake Gang of Four rubbish you’ve been exposed to of late by the likes of Bloc Party. Or do you actually like the Arctic Monkeys? The band broke up too soon but recorded one album, it deserves a listen.

Umpio/Torturing Nurse tape – 22nd March 2012

Cat #: 084TZM

40 minutes of the sounds of a world in fear and pain. Can you bear it?

First in a trio of international split tape releases featuring Torturing Nurse, Umpio, Un and Automating.

22nd Mar 2023 – It was a real pleasure to put together this series of tapes with friends new and old from around the world. Of the three this is probably my favourite – it is brutal and reminds me of my early discovery of Violent Onsen Geisha’s Excrete Music CD.

El Eje Del Mäl/Inquiry Last Scenery – 12th March 2012

Cat #: 027TZM

Our cooperative worldwide DIY network made this 7″ happen with the following record labels input: 
tenzenmen (Australia) 
Liku-Likuan Hibaran (Malaysia) 
Internationale (UK)

I can’t remember why, but this release took a couple of years to complete.

12th Mar 2023 – It took a few years to sell too as both bands weren’t so active around this time. There was a mix of fluorescent covers and the childlike artwork always stood out when flicking through record stacks.

Fanzui Xiangfa 7″ – 11th March 2012

Cat #: 069TZM

This is the first full 7″ from the Chinese fastcore band Fanzui Xiangfa. It’s six tracks of energetic and political hardcore. 


Kuang Ma – Drums 
Ni Fan – Guitar 
Mao Bing – Bass / Vocals 
Chong Zhuang – Guitar 
Liu Liu – Lead Vocals 

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Huo Likao at Jishengchong Studio in the Summer / Fall 2010 


Kawaii Records (FR) / Crapoutlet (FR) / NARM Discos (JP) / World Won’t Listen (US) / Tenzenmen (AU) / Up The Punx (PL) / DIY Records (JP) / Depraved & Devilish (GR)

god bows to math – 10th March 2012

Cat #: 091TZM

“god bows to math” meshes the group’s latest works such as the moody “Slow Decline” and “Paper Trails” (featuring vocals and guitar from Postures front-man Michael Havell) with their older work from previous releases. 

An amalgamation of the tried and tested with the new and exciting, which has allowed the band to proverbially stretch their legs – allowing for tracks you may not have expected to emerge from the group.

Licensed from Muzai Records, NZ and released 7th November 2011 over there. 
Check out more Muzai goodness at:
Recorded by Warner Emery 
Mastered by Jason Ward

Alternative China – 1st March 2012

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