Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing – Eeling – 12th March 2013

Cat #: 138TZM

Try as you might to sum up Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing accurately, the sheer range in dynamics makes the group difficult to pigeonhole; at times post-punk, at other times experimental, even moments of folk. Eeling in every sense evokes the sentiments that this is something unique – not just in regards to its chosen physical release format.

“… an album of new discoveries upon each wonderfully harrowing listen” – Cheese On Toast

Recorded by S. Huf and J. Hobbs
Mixed by S. Huf
Mastered S.Huf

12th Mar 2023 – GPOGP always tickled that weird music itch I enjoyed. I just like music that doesn’t appear to make sense at first.

Alternative China – 6th March 2013

Alternative China tumblr

Jue Festival, Feima, Astrofuck, SVRO, Livinglovingmaid, Rainbow Danger Club, Wang Xu, The Gar, Zhang Shouwang, Michael Pettis, Danwei, Carsick Cars, The Agenda, White+, Alpine Decline, China Radio International, Ivan Belcic, Death To Giants, SMZB, Wuhan, Morgan Short, Beijing Cream, Fanzui Xiangfa, Nevin Domer, Chui Wan, Lin Xinyu, Yan Yulong, Club Niubi, Jonathan Campbell, Subs, Black Snakes, Bluoinartinfo, DS-13, Zhang Sian, Djang San, The Amazing Insurance Salesman, Time Out, Ricky Maymi, Slinkrat, My Bloody Valentine, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Yantiao, Colourful Z-bra, Belly Mountain, Islet, Chinese Football, The Fuzz, Round Eye, Cheesemind, Your Boyfriend Sucks, Naohai, Lowbow, Next Year’s Love, Thruoutin, LuXinPei, The Last Three Minutes, Splice Today

Cartavetro – Here It Comes, Tramontane! – 1st March 2013

Cat #: 130TZM

Here it Comes, Tramontane! (a global joint release between 9 labels) featuring Minutemen/Stooges bassist Mike Watt, celebrates CRTVTR’s recent tour of China which was supported by crowd funding with a sizable donation from tenzenmen.

Cartaverto’s music is suspended between Washington post punk and a touch of diverted contemporary psychedelia. Splatters of post rock, sprays of math. Electro-acoustic feedbacks and vocal loops, remnants of Morricone. They are a power trio and they like to experiment with full range dynamics, surprise the audience, or at least try to. They go around in a van called Flauto. They are part of DisorderDrama, which is the association of reference to the international DIY scene, in Genoa. They support the co-release system, because they like it, because this is the DIY way .