holypalms – Tribute to Snake Charmers – 30th April 2016

Cat #: 185TZM

Recorded in the same circumstances as debut release BABA, Moscow resident Pavel Eremeev (ex USSSY) takes holypalms on a full-length journey and tribute to the music of the snake charmers around the world.  

Self-described as ‘electro-noise-raga’ Pavel combines sounds of a quarter-toned baritone guitar along with an electronic background of tones and beats. Silky and liquid hues of sound enhanced by electronic cadence beats and crescendo grooves. Asymmetrical noise collapses into a lo-fi vortex and ebbs with the silver lustre of subliminal guitar sounds. 

Folky and deep-rooted high grains of Indian classical raga are embedded amidst the improvised techniques of recording. Recurrent, moxie melodies enthral and cut through like a Katar dagger opening an ineffable horizon of endless travelling into the shamanic atmosphere that is holypalms.

” “Tribute to Snake Charmers Music” is my own vision of traditional melodies of the music performed by the caste of snake charmers from India and Nepal. I have imbued these sounds and it somehow entered into my guitar improvisation, and then I developed them, inventing rhythms and background sounds.” – Pavel Eremeev 2015

First made available via fellow Moscow cohorts at Cancelled Records, tenzenmen hopes to broaden holypalms fanbase by presenting Tribute to Snake Charmers Music to you here.  

“holypalms step into the cloud of oriental psychedelia that might easily pass for a lost collection of desert ecstasy from the Sublime Frequencies label. I’m quite sure Pavel can actually charm snakes with his guitar. Recommended!”
(Weed Temple, Transmissions from the psychedelic underground) 

holypalms – BABA – 24th April 2016

Cat #: 184TZM

The inspiration behind BABA is taken from old lo-fi tapes found in markets around Asia (ref: Sublime Frequencies back catalogue).  The warm distorted sounds of real live music performed at ceremonies and on the streets transferred to a tiny apartment studio in Berlin via Pavel’s unique headbone.

If you wish to pay for this download and want the money to go directly to Pavel, please download from: holypalms.bandcamp.com/releases

Pavel Eremeev: All technical wizardry