The fatman takes away what isn’t his – 19th September 2017

Weight: 90kg
Resting Heart Rate: 50

22nd Jan 2022 – This was the start of my journey for keeping track of my weight thanks to phone technology and forming a habit to measure it more often. I’m not obsessed with my weight at all, purely using it as a measure and motivation. It was more concerning to me what I looked like in the mirror and knowing that losing weight would improve that image and both my physical and mental health.

It wouldn’t be until a couple of years later that I would set myself a goal to get to 75kg and then start working on building/rebuilding muscle and try to maintain that weight. I’ve never been and will never be a super muscular type so I have no intentions of becoming some kind of middle-aged bodybuilder though Amy would often show me pictures of 70-year-old Japanese men who were in incredible shape. That never motivated me at the time, it seemed an impossibility. Though as I approach my target weight and can see more definition in various parts of my body it does help to know that it could be possible, within the limits of my old frame.