Singular – F.E.I.A.R. – 7th April 2019

Cat #: 197TZM

All instruments, songs, lyrics, recorded, mixed and mastered by Mierul.
Release by Terr-Record (MAS), Tenzenmen (THA/AUS)
Artwork by Jeremy Famir (
Live show line up: Farouq, Boyo, Awie, Kay, Ayob, Mierul.

“Ultimately, F.E.I.A.R. feels like an exploration of some of the many sides of derangement, letting each track speak to a different nuance on the multifaceted front of devolving into chaos while proving independently musically striking. The album’s riff-mania quickly gets pretty alluring. 5/5 Stars” –

“Chaotic and brilliant all in one” –

“The album is a real evil, genuine chaos and energy spurting the fountain!” –

“Any of you fans of more forward-thinking Converge style blackened hardcore with angular dissonant music that then gets buried in noise-laden blast beats, under eerie vocals that can switch to throat shattering shrieks on a dime, Singular needs to be on your radar” –