Poems on this day – 25th May 2021

Field of Observation

Warm damp air clings to us
In the middle of our own field
Like quantum theory – look away
A million fireflies are revealed
Lightning flashes on the horizon
Boding well the breeze to come
Buzz on about your business
There’s space here for everyone


The grey is not just in the sky
It’s in my head, my half closed eyes
The passions of yesterday are gone
The words said cannot be undone
This sick mind exaggerating
All my deadly contemplating
A coward stuck in sheep’s clothing
Just wants an end to my self-loathing
To run away, just run and run
To put an end to what’s become
We slowly watched things going sour
Took the pain and gave it power
We mixed it up, caused confusion
Stuck inside this brief illusion
I still love you, I will always love you
How can I ever love myself?

Rocks and Oils

Artificial lines and boundaries
Sought to divide and rule
Keep the savages occupied
Then pour on extra fuel
Some arbitrary borders
Laid down after wars
Pay us to keep the peace
We’ll be back to settle scores
Killed a man a thousand years ago
For this you’ll one day pay
And grab this dirty rock of yours
Put down a flag and say
‘Get out and stay out’
You’re not welcome here
Out fathers always taught us
You are not what you appear

This Is A Test

Some days I ask myself
Just what am I doing here?
On good days things make sense
But others are not so clear
Sensitive to your words
Your scathing drunken attack
I can’t always shrug it off
Unless you take them back
Regularly we cycle
Through this vicious routine
So here we go again
What does it all mean?
I just wanted to take it easy
Sit back and relax
But then I see you drinking
Preparing your attacks
Let’s sit down and fix it
Make things for the best
Many more years ahead of us
This is just a test

Plus Minus

If I keep writing down these negative thoughts
Am I throwing them out or reinforcing them?
Am I making things worse than they already are
Or should I be symbolically divorcing them?

Let me know your thoughts

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