Poetry is Useless – 30th June 2021

I like this quote from Michael Longley (a poet) – courtesy of Rob Walker’s Art of Noticing newsletter:

“One of the marvelous things about poetry is that it’s useless. It’s useless. ‘What use is poetry?’ people occasionally ask, in the butcher shop, say. They come up to me and they say, ‘What use is poetry?’ And the answer is, ‘No use.’ 

“But it doesn’t mean to say that it’s without value. It’s without use, but it has value. It is valuable. 

“And the first people that dictators try to get rid of are the poets and the artists, the novelists and the playwrights. They burn their books. They’re terrified of what poetry can do. … Poetry encourages you to think for yourself.

The picture is from the Drawn and Quarterly book by Anders Nilsen ‘Poetry is Useless’ – I’d like to read that one day!

Here We Go Again – 29th June 2021

We’re off to the office
Where the witches never smile
What should take 5 minutes
Is sure to take a while
It’s a dreaded moment
Waiting for confirmation
This time can be no mistakes
On my visa application
Luckily it was quiet today
No one in the queue
And even the witches were happy
With nothing much to do
In and out like a flash
I get to stay another sixty days
I hope it’s this easy next time
So I can enjoy my stays

Return Voyage – 28th June 2021

All the striving, the work, the living
Has brought me to my lifelong dream
What now that I have nothing to be giving
Just floating by, on my way downstream
What for me? A challenge, just because?
The journey is far better than the arrival
A brain stimulation, a stress all a-buzz
Life – is it anything more than my survival?
A challenge now I must myself set
To instill my life with some meaning
I’ve found myself before and never forget
I must no longer neglect my dreaming
A journey like this may only be complete
On return to the place that I came
Those from which I ran in defeat
Though I know I will never return the same

Chicken Hawker – 25th June 2021

The fried chicken stand roars each morning
Burning oil since the early dawning
You know it’s bad – ‘But it’s delicious’
There’s things inside so suspicious
Feel your organs, pumping, throbbing
As arteries are slowly clogging
The chicken man holds a scythe
Death comes along to claim his tithe

No Punk Intended – 24th June 2021

Slamming into each other
Having so much fun
It’s a heaving circle pit
Until each song is done
But someone is down
On the slippery floor they slid
Someone should help them up
But no punk in ten did
The skins have come with bats
Meting out some violence
What to do about them?
Just met with silence
The beatings had started
The punks all run and hid
Stand up all together
But no punk in ten did

Poems on this day – 23rd June 2021


We marched ever onward
Til we conquered all around
Spilled blood, spread disease
Put generations in the ground
Now the march is inward
To conquer our own mind
What then becomes of us
After what we find?


Some absurd things make us laugh
While others they offend
But if you cannot laugh at yourself
You’ll be angry until your end
You can have your faith and eat it
Not everyone feels the same
Our beliefs are as absurd as each others
Let’s not apportion blame

Legacy of GG

Ugly is art, all the same
No judgement on defect
It deserves respect
Only opinion, it’s in the name
It could be a mistake
Art for art’s sake
Like it or leave it
Opinions aren’t facts
So just relax
If you don’t believe it
Existing is real
Whatever you feel
Fame can be fleeting
Soon passing on by
Even after you die
Those people you’re meeting
Will return to the sky
Just as you and I

Poems on this day – 22rd June 2021

Psyche’s Mistake

If you looked deeply and saw it was not real
Everything stripped away so you could no longer feel
Would that mean that all the things from the past
Never really happened now they no longer last?
Was it all a lie? Memories that now fade
Was it even you and those mistakes you made?
Maidens become wolves, jewels become dust
I cherish it all, for happiness I must
Unrelenting winds whipped into a chill
Forever into oblivion, remnants laying still

Avoid The Plague Like The Plague

Just wear the goddamn mask
Is that too much for me to ask
You got the vaccine, lucky you
Show some respect for others too
The situation is far from vague
So I must avoid you, like the plague

Poems on this day – 21st June 2021

You Bring Out The English In Me

I’m sorry to say, it’s your fault
It’s all the stupid things I see
Sarcasm is the default result
You bring out the English in me
“That’s just great, that’s amazing!”
While I wonder what the fuck you’re doing
What I mean and say are not the same thing
Over the horizon trouble is brewing
It’s a culture clash, war with words
I see things I should never see
Slower than thirty three and a thirds
You bring out the English in me

Fuck Frustration!

Argh – fuck it all, fuck it away
Get it out, make it snappy
Process frustration every day
Get it out, just be happy

Poems on this day – 18th June 2021


I wonder where
I left my underwear
My socks are wet
Why? I forget
Ugh! Back to sleep
Drifting deep
Think more later
Drink more later
Go back under
Where’s my wonder?

Wasting Time

When someone wants to waste your time
Be ready and bring something else to mind
There’s plenty of things to do and find
Wasting time – it’s yours to lose
There’s so many things you can use
It’s always there for you to choose