The Fallen City – 27th August 2021

This forbidden love wasn’t designed to last
We both realise that now it’s gone
The savage betrayals a reflection
As the threads of hope all come undone
It’s a timeless story, always repeated
Because passions cannot be denied
Dreams of forever just fall apart
Ever quicker the more it’s tried
The victims suffer the recognition
As their cities of dreams are burned
Eyes open to once blinding mistakes
A war from which much was learned

Ants As One – 26th August 2021

“There’s food in the distance, sir”
“Send some troops surveying
Send up the pheromone signal
Our army is obeying”
Through hell and high water
The march has begun
Survival of the greatest
An army that acts as one
Carrying the corpses
Of competing insect species
Food for the family nest
Of cockroaches and leeches
“Let’s move the camp inside
The rain is about to come”
No problem for the army
Of ants that act as one
The human sprays noxious
Chemicals to kill our eggs
“Gather together everyone
And bite him on the legs
Together we can take him down
That nasty human scum
We just got to stick together
Our army of ants as one”

Bad Neck – 23rd August 2021

Can’t turn my head unless I move my body
Years of abuse made the muscles shoddy
I need a year of massage, it’s so sore
I shouldn’t read books laying down anymore
Tried stretching, exercise, even alt-med
Nothing stops the pain when I get out of bed
More than a hundred doctors to whom I’ve spoken
Won’t tell me the truth, my neck is broken

Check and Balance – 21st August 2021

We found the gold, inspired by dreams
Furious labour generated the means
No stone unturned, nothing it seems
– Left resting on laurels waiting
On the other side of the rainbow where
Further riches found to those who dare
Turn off your taps from which to share
– Numbers ever bigger accumulating
Now standing alone on an empty shore
The sun is setting, there’s nothing more
Was it all worth the fighting for?
– To watch accounts ever-inflating
For all your atoms the gods reclaim
There’s no longer a use for your name
The prince and the pauper – all the same
– The imbalance of our own creating

Some inspiring lines from ‘Abe – Wrong for all the Right Reasons’ by Glenn Dakin