Mother Of All – 28th September 2021

George is getting excited now
He really seems quite upset
His words are getting shorter
The angrier he will get
The world has pissed him off
And quite rightly so
The lying liars are lying again
It’s really time for them to go
The sweat is across his brow
His hat looks about to fly
The answer to every question
Is always, ‘why?’ ‘why?’ ‘why?’
An angry man shouts at clouds
Morning, noon and night
The thing is that what he’s saying
Seems to be quite right

Reading Al Franken’s ‘The Truth With Jokes’ and watching George Galloway’s ‘Mother of All Talk Shows’ recently. It’s easy to get worked up.

That stick has lost it’s taste – 27th September 2021

Amy has turned much of our garden into a cactus oasis, not helped much by the long rainy season this year though. It was today I noticed that this delicate cactus was being held up by this tall ants nest, originally a stick in the ground. Ants will rule the world. They are also back in our kitchen building a small nest by the back door again.

Our neighbour’s dog, Tangmo, always enjoys coming to play but tends to go a bit nuts when he sees Kim Chi, who is usually behind a screen door inside her room. Today though, we’d just let her out when he decided to come visit and after a bit of chasing around the situation above occurred.

We worry that Tangmo could easily bite Kim Chi badly as he’s so much bigger and his barking and jumping around make her scared but usually Kim will be the one chasing him away. Don’t fuck with our cats. Tangmo just seems to want to play but isn’t quite sure of the correct cat etiquette.

The Week That Was – 26th August 1979

She’s Back – 27th September 2021

I’ve had a long shower
And I’m snuggled up with a book
I can hear strange noises outside
But can’t be bothered to look
I’m about to fall asleep
The room is dark and black
That’s when the screaming starts
And when I know she’s back
She turns on all the lights
And dances around the room
Jumping up on to the bed
I hope she finishes soon
She makes me laugh and makes me mad
I’ll always love her to bits
But right now I need to sleep
And she’s really giving me the shits

E.very D.umb M.ale – 24th September 2021

It’s a post-post-punk world
Music totally deconstructed
No alternative Alternative
A disco ball disruptive
Every dumb male makes music
Click, click, bleep and hop
Bedroom producers now equal
In this new world of pop
Indie kings sold guitars
To take up regular jobs
Making money on weekends
With the twiddling of knobs
Purists complain to deaf ears
Yet this was always the goal
Anyone can be making music
Even if it is without soul
So the punks both won and lost
Perhaps they were never right
Now there’s little to rebel against
And everyone gave up the fight

Take A Moment – 23rd September 2021

Dogs jumped excitedly chasing thrown ropes
Fireflies are buzzing about the grassy slopes
The full moon rises beyond the growing storm
Lighting spikes in 3D as the sky is torn
In silence, I take her arm with great care
We watch in wonder, breathing deep the air
This moment savoured we’ll never see again
We dash undercover to watch the coming rain
This beauty all around we mostly never see
So take a moment for yourself to truly be
Sleep well each night, grateful for your days
Close your eyes, settle now and give praise

Ready For Something – 22nd September 2021

The kids are bored just hanging out
Breaking curfews and running about
They’re ready for something, set to rise
The fire is burning behind their eyes
The trigger arrives by train and bus
Thinking ‘no one else can fuck with us’
The energy is bursting out of control
Electric atmosphere to charge your soul
The movement grew to change the world
Banners raised, freak flags unfurled
Possibilities open to interpretations
Underground rising across the nations

Inspired by listening to Joey Keithley of D.O.A. travelling to their first show in San Francisco in 1980 (?). Some band members went by bus, another by train and a fourth by hitchhiking. D.O.A. were a pioneering band spreading their punk rock messages around the world. He said that at that time kids were ready for something, though they were not quite sure what it was.

Of course, there are other possible interpretations too.