Old Geezer – 30th May 2022

We didn’t know it before
Why the dark clouds came
You just had to get on with it
With only yourself to blame
Then someone turns on the light
And it all starts to make sense
So begins the slow process
To down the shields of defence

Inspired by reading Mick Wall’s Black Sabbath biography and Geezer Butler growing up with undiagnosed depression, much like myself.

Smoke – 29th May 2022

He’s the number one, top dog
Always best in class
Sits quietly satisfied
As smoke is blown up his ass
Everyone else plays in the mud
Whilst he lounges on the grass
In between sips of champagne
Smoke is blown up his ass
Whilst everyone struggles to get in
He always gets a pass
Head held high at the gate
As smoke gets blown up his ass
A nose, again, turned brown
From impressing all the brass
It’s difficult to focus
With all the smoke blown up his ass
Smiling teeth a-gleaming
A halo as clear as glass
Powered by all the steam
Of the smoke blown up his ass

Slave Driven – 26th May 2022

Having walked through shadow and light
Seeing the slaves in misery and distress
Even those with strength and faith
Struggle to make sense of this mess
The apprentice, artisan and employer
The soldier, governor and king
All enslaved with submission
Of another’s tune to sing
Chained to the parent’s past
Urged to yield oneself to tradition
Words create empty echoes
When failed to express contrition

Me Vs You – 24th May 2022

Is a choice between two evils
Even a choice at all?
And the middle is mediocre
If that’s where the chips fall
The balance of all power
Remains in the hands of a few
So the systems maintain
If the parties are one or two
Where corruption can be stamped out
And happiness prevails
Any system promoting self-interest
Will be the one that fails

Empire Fanfic For Slow Kids – 22nd May 2022

Words are written to fan the flames
Generate outrage with magic games
Knowing nothing except the names
Of all those whom the writer blames
Propaganda pushed to every screen
Harmony must remain a dream
The devil, front and centre, seen
More dangerous than it’s ever been
Heroes forever dashing hopes
Innocents on hanging ropes
Testing how its society copes
Forever sliding down slippery slopes

*Inspired by and title appropriated from Caitlin Johnstone