The Decline of Western Civilisation Pt I – 25th June 2022

America is the land of dreams
Only because everyone is sleeping
Nothing is what it seems
Its children are quietly weeping
Glam, glitz, all those shiny things
Pursuit of happiness year-round
Who knows when the fat lady sings
Or words are whispered profound
Watching an empire in decline
Must be frustrating from within
What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine
Is no longer seen as sin

The Rock Of Truth – 21st June 2022

Standing on the bank of the river
Sympathies for those floating by
Your tears will cleanse your heart
You cannot comprehend my cry
I am the truth as rock
Stood for a million years
Listening to your sad songs
Whispered between your tears
Empty is your heart and hand
A touch so inviting and smooth
Your house without mirrors
To view your soul to soothe
Long you looked in ridicule
Shackled to the ebb and flow
Grabbing onto sparkling gold
And screaming to never let go

Imagery inspired by a Khalil Gibran short story