My Hey Hey My My – 23rd July 2022

A bond recognised on first meeting
A tortured mind on the brink of defeat
Birds of a feather are caught in one net
Unable to understand the reward of retreat
Burning brightly before burning out
A load shot way too premature
Always fighting for what is right
Even when that right is so unsure

The Biggest Rug – 22nd July 2022

Now that news is entertainment
There’s nothing worth knowing
It’s there to serve a purpose
To prevent your knowledge growing
A movie star’s divorce
Is more newsworthy than war
When the injured are at home
And understand what the fighting is for
The rug is getting bigger
Where all the garbage is brushed
Tricked to believe in freedom
Whilst watching it being crushed

Being Number One – 18th July 2022

The most, the best, the biggest, the loudest
A notion of bigots most often the proudest
A penis envy countered with rockets
Sold to the bidder with deepest pockets
Remember your elders said ‘sharing is caring’
Where has that gone, as people despairing
To beat the Joneses in a pointless race
For a population long fallen from grace
Better yourself, don’t worry who’s on top
It’s a race to the bottom unable to stop
Share the resources with our kindred brothers
We are one in this life with others

Lighthouses – 16th July 2022

Who’s gonna care for you?
Who will show the way?
Who will find the light
When the sun descends each day?
A child to be exploited
Manipulated and prostituted
Bad choices made with mirrors
Doors shut, firmly booted
Who’s gonna guide you?
Point to the right direction
A childhood to be wasted
Staring at its reflection
Dark fingers will be clawing
Promises made with gold
Sorrow is your struggle
Before you get too old