Rose-Tinted Tears – 21st November 2022

Not understanding consequences
The future impossibly vast
Fire the only guide
With no lesson from the past
Naivety is nature
For kitten and the pup
A world set in wonder
To drink from this cup
Bitter-tasting tears
Wiped from cheeks so red
Whispered-coated rumours
Of words perhaps not said
Blind lead blind in battles
Swords laid to the heart
Voices deepen in anguish
As the youth set to depart
Wisdom-thickened skin
Hardened by the aches
Practised and repeated
Then learned from those mistakes
Where did they go
Those sadder lonely days?
Reminders of a time
Enjoyed in so many ways.

Wind Up – 16th November 2022

It’s a crowded room full of screaming
And I’m feeling out of control
I wish I was only bad-dreaming
As I’m sinking into this hole

I gotta leave here quick
Or something’s gonna blow
Not sure what’ll do the trick
I don’t know, I don’t know

Temperature rising to the max
Smoke coming out my ears
Gotta face up to the facts
Or it’s gonna end in tears

Ran myself out the door
Before I got to blow
I can’t do this anymore
I know, I know

They Shook Hands – 14th November 2022

Smiling for the camera
Deceptive poker plays
Air pushed in translation
No thunder today
Arm wrestle the future
Knives behind backs
Until advantage found
In what the other lacks
Back to the big oak table
For diplomatic fire
Promises made and broken
As new demands require
All the hands now shaken
To sighs of relief
Yet rendered in denial
And insincere belief