Who am I and why are you here?

at home contemplating

In 1994, after the death of my best friend, I kept a diary of my move from England to Australia.  In 2018, I am again moving countries, this time from Australia to Thailand.  This blog is inspired by those journeys and is becoming a place to document other parts of my past.

tenzenmen is a name I’ve used for my work from 1994 onwards.  tenzenmen can encompass anything.


tenzenmen is represented in other places online, in particular at https://tenzenmen.bandcamp.com for the record label and promotion of alternative DIY music in the Asia region, something which I have been doing since 2004.

The observant among you will notice many lyrical references in my posts, including this one which is a play on words from the Void song ‘Who Are You?’  There are no prizes for finding all the references but I hope you enjoy some of them.