A Madness Of The Impossible – 1st December 2021

The very essence of my soul betrayed
No knowledge may heal the would I made
In this fog, there is nowhere to be or go
I just can’t forgive myself I’m afraid
Misery and self-loathing bedevil my days
A madness of the impossible Derrida says
The radical act of self-forgiveness so
Absolve yourself, you must find the ways

Inspired (and butchered) by a reply to a letter to Nick Cave at The Red Hand Files newsletter

To Be Continued – 16th March 1988

Part one has just started
Your customer now out-smarted
Part one was great
But….to be continued at a later date?
Now you’re in a state
So you wait for part two
And what do you do?
Leave another cliffhanger
To generate more anger
And money
That’s funny
Get your special binder
Free for a fiver
Just a reminder

Alone In My Grandparent’s Living Room – 29th November 2021

The air in this room is still
No motes of dust floating in sunlight
Each second the grandfather clock creaks
Each hour a church bells delight
Braced against cold, a fire emerges
Blankets removed at the next bell
The crackle and roar has settled now
As the sun struggles up over the hill
The window frost starts running
New roads made on the warming glass
Soon all the bears will awaken
And another day shall quietly pass
The ghosts of this room may gather
But will one day be all forgot
The fire replaced, the window glazed
And the striking of bells will not

Breakout – 26th November 2021

The steeples point to heaven
Yet my feet are here on earth
The cities yield to the dirt
Whilst the woods exercise their mirth
Solace amongst the battlements
Whilst treading familiar paths
Breath deep the cool pine air
The sun sets upon our gentle hearts
United in our spiritual mores
This ghostly presence felt
Brings gladness to my heart
For these present tidings dealt