Ode To The Fayre – 19th January 2023

Looking for a slice of peace
In a world going ever mad
Jumping off the bus for release
The best time those dogs ever had
Searching for a space to shit
Was as bad as it ever did get
Dug a hole with a plank to sit
Then the whole weekend was set
Finding the best breakfast of eggs
Followed by donuts and beer
With spliffs and acid, losing legs
And facing the future without fear
As the worms had turned
And rats scurried all around
Watching on as Babylon burned
Celebrating this destruction in sound

inspired by reading old accounts of Treworgey Tree Fayre in 1989

Inside The Cave – 18th January 2023

Sitting at a desk struggling with pen
The whispers sadden the heart
Quietly goes the evening time
As walls all around rip apart
No muse did visit this night
And the pen resheathed in place
But sleep offered little respite
Nor the purring kitten’s embrace
All disappear in the morning glow
Both good and bad, hard reset
Return to the stool and empty paper
Where no thoughts have emerged yet

Too Long Jack – 16th January 2023

Those words came to me each night
But I could find no pen to write
Wondering what it is you do
Since those times we once knew
Racing hearts and chasing dreams
Of racing carts and laser beams
The world was ours for the taking
Or to be born of our making
Pages wait for this ink’s touch
What to say, there’s just too much
I hope you recall all we did
Loving the slippery slopes we slid

Not My Business – 11th January 2023

A choice is made
And has to be lived with
It’s not my body
It’s not my business
I have an opinion
But it doesn’t count
I don’t need to care
What you’re thinking about
Your choices have no effect
If I’m not involved
No need to push an agenda
That is so simply solved
If I was the father
The body still isn’t mine
Doing the right thing
May reveal itself in time

My opinion on abortion – I don’t like it (hopefully there is no one that does) and I do (kind of) believe that it is taking a life, no matter how old the fetus. However, as a male, I feel I have no right at all to decide if someone should have an abortion or not, even if I was the father. It’s not my body, it’s not my business. The problem of unwanted pregnancy is far better solved with education and better contraceptive options rather than denial of termination.

Distracted – 10th January 2023

Distracted by all the screens
Triggering more dreams
Trying just to do
Distracted again by you
An hour as a minute
There’s no way to spin it
Things ain’t gonna get done
When distracted by more fun
Distracted by dumb emotions
And ridiculous devotions
Chasing the sublime, absurd
Distracted by every word
No doctor claimed ADHD
Because the things distracting me
Are distracting everyone
No one’s getting things done
Now normal is distraction
Five seconds of satisfaction
Distracted to even complete