Temptation – 27th May 2023

Winds a-whispering such alluring tunes
Over the sashaying hips of the golden dunes
A devil tempts to caress sweet flesh
To find soft lips to taste afresh
The valleys first open to be explored
The enchantment too strong to be ignored
A hopeless daydream, a critical situation
Must be forgotten, not lost to temptation
There within lays the road to destruction
The unthinking mind, the unfeeling instruction
Look beyond this beauty, stunning, unreal
Around each corner lays further appeal
The holy grail is beyond where the fishes swim
The welcoming waves beckon to dive within
Surrounding forest and earth both lightly scented
This story oft-repeated that has been invented

Communion – 26th May 2023

A spark flies on wandering wings
Darting forth on invisible strings
Before coming to rest on the orange soil
Growing here a cluster of limes
By the river flowing since ancient times
And the field the poorest farmers toil

The leaves all fall and flow downstream
Watched by those that wish to dream
Of lands and opportunities far away
What is here and there is just the same
The seas and cities all was and wane
Only the princes are happy to stay

Keeping butterflies within their cages
Whispered words on parchment pages
Tell legends of a joyful union
Setting fires ablaze, the whole world sings
Another spark flies on wandering wings
Ignites the story of our own communion

Writing For Myself – 25th May 2023

The words I write, they are for me
Sure to be making assumptions
We are brothers and sisters in arms
(and anyone that cares to fall between)

Sometimes listening to the wind
Eases my burden, settles my heart

The hard code of my heart
Has been passed along for generations
back to the dawn of time

Now at this time of life, whenever it is
Let’s hope the engine keeps running

I only stop learning to rest my eyes
Things long gone are encoded and not forgotten
Whatever is coming towards me
Is all a part of nature’s play

A paraphrasing of section 1 of Walt Whitman’s Song For Myself

Isolation – 22nd May 2023

Trapped within these walls
There are no words to share
Bare functions, dirty nails
Life lived less there
Rats outside running scared
The snakes all need to eat
From sundown to rise again
A dead circle again complete
The echo chamber of the heart
Energy gone to waste
Dreams quietly smashed apart
With only bitterness to taste 
The many paths that led here
Beyond the now closed door
Content in isolation
Left alone forever more