Looking Good – 9th January 2022

This shiny apple, so appetising
Fools your sense without realising
Inside, the maggots, breeding more
In fact, it is rotten to the core
We sold the apple, sold it well
From the outside, no one can tell
This analogy can be multiplied
Across your beautiful nation wide
Within is decay, or already dead
No matter all the pretty words said
A conspiracy in which we all take part
Only the truth can fix this heart

Projects – 7th January 2022

Put it together, pull it apart
A lesson is a work of art
Things to be responsible for
A world to discover more
Give them a wooden stick
Balanced on a broken brick
Trial and error, many a blunder
A world filled with natural wonder
Put in water, then dry it out
Let’s see what it’s all about
Neurons link, making able
A poem written at this table