Hands Cave – 16th May 2023

Can you say hello for ten thousand years?
Can you see these words in twelve thousand and twenty-three?
What does it mean when the writing is on the wall?
Leaving one’s mark for the whole world to see
Were your dreams as big as mine today?
Staring at a sky only minutely adjusted
It’s a blink of an eye for those held on high
And in whose words were once trusted

Fair-weather Fan – 15th May 2023

Cheering on the cheerleaders
We’re practising our cheer
It’s our team’s turn to rule
We are the leaders clear
Inspiring on to further heights
We’re living our best days
Until complacency at the top
Sees a change of ways
No longer on your side
You’re slipping down the ladder
Only winners get our support
There’s no time for being sadder
Who was that team we knew?
They’ve disappeared somehow
Forgotten heroes of the past
Are left to linger now

Busy With Nothing – 13th May 2023

Stuck in traffic going home
I’m busier than a bee
I’ve got no real friends to phone
To hear my annoying plea
My girlfriend or my shoes?
Everything is a problem to me
I got everything to lose
And that’s all that I can see
Running round in circles 
Is this all I’ll ever be?
Searching for the exit sign
Will you come and set me free?