Six Condoms – 28th October 1987

I bought six condoms three months ago
But I haven’t used a single one
I’ve met lots of girls who’ve all said no
Maybe I’m doing something wrong
Sexual frustration is taking me over
I just want to find a good damn lover
When I do, I will thank her
But for now, I’m just a little wanker

Foundations – 8th October 2021

There’s a plan that’s been put in place
Decided years ago, real and known
Paths set to further the human race
Historical analysis shows how we’ve grown
Allowances were made for deviations
When the train almost left the tracks
The firm bedrock for our foundations
Ensured the plan always had our backs
All the charlatans and fly by nights
Have long since been forgotten
War of words no longer become fights
And we stopped ourselves becoming rotten
Instead of an instant profit turned
Future generations were the consideration
Making sure that all history was learned
We came together to celebrate this creation

I see parallels between Asimov’s Foundation stories and the differences in the way the US and China plan their futures. It feels like the US system is constantly hamstrung by its election cycles and lack of consistent vision whereas China has its five-year plans and I think extending even further into the future.

Singy – 7th October 2021

Rob’s singing about his cat again
And I’m trying to sing-a-long
I can’t quite hit the harmony
And I get the lyrics wrong
But the joy is in our hearts
As we’re belting out this song
There’s no difference between us
We are all where we belong

Inspired by listening to Thingy and the genius songwriting of Rob Crow and his songs about his cat Molly.