Rolling In – 22nd September 2022

The bird in the limes whoops
‘Here comes the rain’
Ants busy themselves in relocation
Coming inside again
At each gust the bough twists
Fruit falls to the ground
A flash to signal cats
To hide from the oncoming sound
Low breaths hanging dark
Pushed frantically apace
Rapid gunfire hits the sheets
Falling around this place
The frogs shout out their pleasure
The cats, a-sleeping, wait
Again the birds are whooping
As the worms turn toward their fate

No Fuss Life – 20th September 2022

She’s the one, happily jumping in the mud
She’s got a little bit of crazy running through her blood
One fifty on the highway, three up on their bikes
She’s gonna live her life just the way she likes
Into the wind, any speck of caution thrown
Maybe she’ll be gone before she’s fully grown
But she’s lived a life more complete that all of us
Left the chains for freedom and didn’t make a fuss

Cells – 18th September 2022

Multiplied and divided
Grow, grow, let’s go
Take over full control
Double what you sow
Stuck in the blood
The economy of fire
Divide and multiply
Punished by desire
Spaces filled by ashes
Opportunity comes a-knocking
The tumour is a-rolling
Pumped by hearts a-rocking
Starve the common driver
Temper evolution from within
Back in white counts
The cancer starts to thin

The New Conversation – 16th September 2022

Now preoccupied where once just occupied
Satisfaction for a second is hardly satisfied
Amusing ourselves to death for what?
A triumph of the trivial is all that we’ve got
Contestants fall as they forget about moderation
Convinced that each click is a real conversation
Expert calculations fix the algorithm of fame
And every Tom, Jane and Harry happily does the same

Inspired by a blog post at Oxford Sour