(Self Abuse), Confessions of Sin, The Thing, Josh and Jon at the Junkyard, Disgusting Pukey Scarves – Capones, Bournemouth – 12th March 1984

12th Mar 2023 – Looking at this line up I was kind of absent of memory but then the name Josh and Jon at the Junkyard reminded me – they were a ‘band’ in the style of early Neubauten, SPK etc, making rhythm and noise with metal drums, old sheets of metal and angle grinders. I’d seen little glimpses of this music on TV and it was exhilarating to be face-to-face with flying sparks and the iron smell of an industrial factory.
This is what gigs were supposed to be about.
Confessions of Sin would have been a perfect compliment, with their Stooges/Birthday Party weirdness. I probably skipped Self Abuse this time as they were probably the odd ones out in this line-up, a little too straight-ahead punk rock.
Damn, I’d forgotten all about this. I wonder who Josh and Jon were? A quick search reveals a song video and the attached picture. Not much else though.