Waves Festival for Timor – 7th October 2006

Waves – Sounds for Timor

@ The Pitz, 11 Faversham Street, Marrickville

Saturday October 7th (7pm – 12am)

Bug Girl (Wollongong)
Pure Evil Trio
Brand Disloyalty
Pay Colour
Happy Go Hate Fuck
Boys Club
Unaustralians (Melbourne)

Sunday October 8th (3pm – 8pm)

the thaw
Pigman Vampire (Lismore)
Dead Farmers
Eucalypt Band

All ages welcome.
Donation entry: $10

16th Sep 2021 – This show became my first introduction to Mr Matt Downey and the Pitz, a relationship that would bear fruit over the following months through 2007. The configuration of the room changed within the venue over time and although I know the layout at this show I don’t have any recall of any bands whilst playing except Toecutter.

This was my first time seeing Dave Toecutter play. I had come across him previously when visiting Lanfranchis as he was living there with Lucas and Swerve (probably where I first met Swerve too). Dave had been crowned “Captain Spaceman” by Chris and Hilary from Sabot when I took them to visit – he definitely had a different way of doing things.

I knew Dave was into electronic music which wasn’t something I was really interested in but Dave’s presentation was fantastic. I had to pick him up from Lanfranchis or the station which may explain why I have zero recollection of Pigman Vampire. He soon jumped on stage with his minimal set up of gadgets and announced that he hated music and this would be his last show ever. He then proceeded to start every song in his set but ending them abruptly and talking about the songs instead. It was a hilarious act that those who stuck around after the rock stuff finished thoroughly enjoyed. I don’t know if it was a ruse but Dave continued playing shows after this and I like to think that it was the positive reaction from this small enthusiastic crowd that convinced him to keep going.

The vibe for the whole weekend was positive and inclusive. Everyone helped each other to do what needed to be done. It was quite inspirational. I was now seeing more opportunities to be involved in warehouse shows and less obvious spaces, in preference to the regular pub gigs. There was a time where for about two years I saw three shows a week without ever stepping into a bar venue.

Various Artists – Live at Bar Open DVD – 1st August 2006

Cat #: 009TZM

On a hot crazy night, tenzenmen brought together Baseball (Melbourne), ni‐hao! (Japan), Sabot (Czech Republic) and The Thaw (Sydney) and crammed them into the confines of Bar Open in Melbourne. Here’s what happened! 112 minutes of some of the most exciting music from around the world.

14th May 2021 – I found these pictures and text at the Thaw’s original blogspot.


we’re gonna be touring with ni-hao! (from japan!) around sydney and melbs! weeela.

ch-check it out:

tuesday feb 14th + empire hotel, sydney
(ni-hao! / the thaw / rose turtle ertler ++ scooter show)

wednesday feb 15th + mandarin club, sydney
(ni-hao! / the thaw / vincent over the sink / le paper dolls)

thursday feb 16th + baropen, melbourne
(ni-hao! / baseball / sabot / the thaw)

friday feb 17th + public office, melbourne
(ni-hao! / grey daturas / the thaw / dad they broke me / eddie current suppression ring)

saturday feb 18th + pony, melbourne
(ni-hao! / witch hats / twitch of the death nerve / bad cop bad cop)
(2am: the thaw) 
phew! come and danc your legs silly

14th May 2021 – I have no idea how I managed to organise all this! There’s also radio appearances and photoshoots in that time too. It seems crazy now, I guess I knew quite a few people and they must’ve helped me a lot. I think I must’ve enjoyed doing it so much that I didn’t realise how much work it was – I certainly don’t have any memory of it being difficult.

2am at the Pony, Melbourne

we made it back from melb in one piece (barely!).

the whole week was a blast – ni hao are aweome, fun, exciting and amazing musicians. we played with loads of rad bands and managed to avoid the killer trams on the streets of melb town. 

anyone at the bar open show will be pleased to know that it was recorded and the entire thing will be put on dvd for sale sometime in the near future. it was a great night of diverse music; us, baseball, sabot and nihao!

also, for those down in melb who missed out at the show (damn lazy fuckers!) we’ve got some cds in missing link for purchase at a measly $6. almost as cheap as those ‘potato cakes’ you have down there. [or u can send us an email and we’ll send one out to ya, s.w.a.k!]

so big ups to twitch of the death nerve, dad they broke me, grey daturas, bad cop bad cop, witch hats and everyone else we played with. hope to see a few of you up north sometime soon. we luv u melbourne!!!!!!!!!! we miss all the awesome people we met down there and hopefully we can come back soooooooon!!!!!!!!

The Thaw, ni-hao! and Twitch of the Death Nerve
The Thaw and ni-hao! outside 2RRR, Sydney

The Final Compound – 10th June 2006

Saturday 10th June @ The Compound (22 Enmore Rd, Newtown)
The Model
Eddy Current Suppression Ring
The Thaw

From 4pm – all ages and species welcome!

16th May 2021 – The Compound was the unofficial title of the space at 22 Enmore Road in Newtown, a tiny, tiny back room just a few doors down from Paint It Black and irregular shows were organised by members of the collective of folks who worked there.

After many complaints and burnout this was the last show though and it was absolutely rammed as it was just at the time that Eddy Current Suppression Ring were taking off out of the underground and into some brief limelight.

Sometime soon after the shows stopped here various parts of the space became the new site for Black Rose Anarchist Bookshop for a couple of years, as seen in the picture above. The venue space was through the door on the left and down the hall at the back.

The Thaw at the Compound

St Ives Youth Centre – 2nd June 2006

Pic: This is where it happened!

The Thaw
Gone By Ten
Guns Are For Kids

From the Thaw blogspot

’twas a wet and windy night…

ah, last friday. the first real rains we’ve had in months. and of course it had to be on when we were playing at st ives youth centre, out in the suburbs!

it took us nearly an hour and a half to get there from lidcombe! bloody ridiculous!!! why so many morons needed to be on the road i will never fathom

despite the soggy surrounds it was a rather great night with ample punters and glory up on stage. gallucci went nuts on the floor (literally) and swapped us for some rad tapes, guns are for kids had a great dance up on stage, eucalypt band ripped it up and even featured some sleigh bells, and local band gone by ten put in a solid showing with one of the most gorgeous kits i’ve seen for a long time. and we played somewhere in there too. PLUS the fantastic folk at the youth centre made us delish tofu sangers *yyyuuuummmm*

it’s a great venue so if you’re interested in playing there give em a call or email or something… i’ll post it as soon as i locate it!

xxx kat

ps if you missed it you missed a rad night!

16th May 2021 – Trying to spread things out around Sydney, I contacted St Ives Youth Centre about putting on a show there and they were cool to give it a go. It went well but I didn’t end up doing another show there. I’m not sure if they had any more after this* but it was a good location, although nowhere near a train station, which would have made it difficult for folks from other parts of the city. Well, we gave it a go and the bands were good enough to tough it out without much or any financial reward.

*A quick search for a relevant picture turns up a video of Carpathian playing here in 2010.

The Thaw at Chatswood Youth Centre – 13th April 2006

16th May 2021 – I’d forgotten about these shows. Having caught the show organising bug and wanting to stay out of the pub and bar venues as much as possible I decided to approach my local youth centre, just a minutes walk away from home, as they had just built a rehearsal room for aspiring musicians. I ended up doing three or four shows here but others took over to continue the legacy and I would often walk past some evenings or weekends and the Centre would be packed with young hardcore kids listening to their friends bands playing in the corner of the room. I felt very proud that I had played a part in getting that happening, even though the music wasn’t much to my tastes.

From the Thaw blogspot:

to celebrate the opening of a new rehearsal space at chatswood youth centre we’re taking part in a massive “rock vs hip-hop” night of all ages splendour. its us and colatia and chaosmaths, and a rad doco screening too.

we be bringing the forces of ‘rock’ to the suburbs on thursday 13th april. the night kicks off at around 6pm and in a whirlwind will finish somewhere near 8pm. its only $5 to witness the radness with all proceeds going towards helping the youth. and no excuses – its only 5 mins from chatwood train station so utilise public transport children.