No Mandate – No Mandate/Scheme of Things – 1st December 2018

Cat #: 196TZM

Mellow dub grooves, heavy desert riffs, and short bursts of angular punk. This is the sound of new Sydney trio No Mandate. Their debut double EP, “No Mandate / Scheme of Things”, will be released as summer breaks – December 1st, 2018, via Tenzenmen Records.

Moving freely across genres and boundaries comes naturally to the three musicians, thanks to their experience in forward-thinking bands such as Hinterlandt, SEIMS, Meniscus, and many more.

The eponymous No Mandate EP constitutes the band’s foundation: instrumental, reggae-tinged rhythms circle themselves and merge with psychedelic fuzz, ultimately culminating in brief explosions of irregular math-rock.

Scheme of Things takes the dub-punk formula a step further. Understated vocals lead the way into increasingly progressive song structures, ending with Manifesto, a 45-second slap in the face of mediocrity that wouldn’t be out of place on an early hardcore seven-inch.

Creating the two EPs was a practice of grassroots egalitarianism: Jochen wrote the music; Alex recorded it in Jochen’s living room; Simeon created the artwork, and recorded additional overdubs at his home under the supervision of Harry the cat.

Weight: 84.5kg
Resting heart rate: 58

Nightmare A.D. – Phantoms Of Our Ruins – 19th November 2018

Cat #: 195TZM

Recorded and Mixed between Aug 2017 – Aug 2018 at First in Space Studio ( and Links Cambodia
Mixed and Mastered by Alex Khalchenia
Produced by Nightmare A.D. and Alex Khalchenia

All Music by Mia Priest and Nightmare A.D.
All Lyrics by Mia Priest
Additional Keyboards by Jon Banules

Artwork by Mia Priest

MIA PRIEST – Vocals / Guitars

Worlds Dirtiest Sport – Electroweak Phase Transition – 4th September 2018

Cat #: 192TZM

Worlds Dirtiest Sport (USA/France) is a one-man-band playing space, psychedelic, folk rock inspired by a wide range of music from Spacemen 3 and Moondog to Captain Beefheart, Charles Mingus and Nina Simone.

With only one person onstage WDS still sounds like a full 4 or 5 piece band. Guitars, bass, voice, keyboards and other noise making devices sampled and looped live create an intense ambience.

Catchy songs and lyrics invite the listener into a surreal and very distinct world that WDS has created through years of experimentation and playing live.

The artist, Kevin Branstetter, has been a touring musician for 26 years with countless tours and festivals in America, Europe and Japan. A founding (and still current) member of lo-fi legends Trumans Water – John Peel favourites from San Diego, California, and also a member of The Bugs from Portland, Oregon, Kevin has worked with and inspired many different musicians, from Thurston Moore and John Paul Jones to Beck, Cat Power, Wire and The Boredoms.

enema noise – eventos inevitáveis – 3rd July 2018

Cat #: 191TZM

Tape available for purchase:

Distributed throughout South East Asia by Terr-Records.

eventos inevitáveis (2017)

daniel: bateria, voz (2,3,4,6,10), guitarra (4)
murilo: guitarra (1,4,8,9,10) baixo (2,5,7) teclado (3)
lamim: voz, guitarra (2,3,6,8), baixo (1,3,4,9,10)

baterias e vozes gravadas no estúdio afra (brasília)
capa: leonardo oliveira (

enema noise (2016)

Mix & master by Mammoth Green Records (
Photo by Lovelove6:

Brasilia, Brasil

Bichano Records:
Share This Breath:
Transtorninho Records: