No More Maus – 17th June 2022

Burn the books that shook and rocked
Ban the guns all cocked and locked
Pay the man a corporate donation
Say a prayer to save the nation
Scoff as the rest of the world is shocked

The end of days, the Rapture foretold
When shock and awe have taken hold
Scrambling with a personal hell
Now has come the time to tell
About all the lies that have been sold

Not So Sure – 16th June 2022

What the hell was that dream?
Our little band of brothers
Was on the run from ‘the man’
Though why I’m not so sure
We were on the move
Trying to stay one step ahead
We had the guns and merch
It seemed too much to carry
We couldn’t load it all up in time
And one by one, we were picked off
Then it was just us two left
You and I became slaves
To the over-mother, naked
Forcing us to drink her ejaculations
In the hope of impregnation
For a new master race
To take over the changed world
2000AD is a future past
Eugenics, so last century
Dreaming a fever dream
Not so sure what’s real anymore

How You Know – 15th June 2022

When the phantoms come knocking at your door
Is when you forget what you’re fighting for
When modern society has you paralysed
Is when your violence makes no one surprised
When the ghosts and devils now created
Are apparently let loose unabated
When it’s impossible to live free from stress
Is when you begin to more enjoy your mess
When the threat of losing all value you hold
Is just a pretence to be following what you’re told
When life is lived in constant threat and fear
Is how you know that the deceivers are here

Mine – 13th June 2022

This here is my property
But it’s only a word to say
It’s just a thing to hold on to
And let go of again one day
Built on years of hard work
Though hardly blood, sweat and tears
Each inch contains a memory
That remains ’til the end of years
That twinkle is all I can hold
And will always take me to that time
That feeling cannot be taken away
And will forever then be mine

Know-all – 12th June 2022

All I mean to say
There’s a bridge to Coolidge
No, all I really say to mean…
A man in a van can seem
Of age already, cameage
So many impressions
Of the ice man
And what do these clean sheets mean?
In need of a pep talk
As the all-o-gistics are denying caffeine
Living a schizophrenia dream
Sometimes Uranus is a bonus cup
But there’s no need to be jealous of the world

If you know, you know.

Fucking Ironing Boy – 11th June 2022

In forty minutes this show will be over
A storm will have passed towards the west
The white cat switched sleeping position twice
Mother bird returned to three chicks in the nest
The time it takes for the modern long player
Or to half time in an average football match
An option to be lazily reading in a hammock
Is negated by the need to iron another batch
Seven shirts done, then rudely interrupted
On a roll, then derailed from the track
Momentum returns, tasks must be completed
And ironing boy is never getting this time back

Nestlings – 9th June 2022

Tiny whispers screaming at the air
Hungry for understanding of this world unfair
Tentative steps towards wings to fly
As tigers wait with open mouths nearby
Mothers teaching babies self-reliance
Exercised in gambled acts of defiance
Jumping nests and flailing limbs
Searching where the rest of life begins