Foundations – 8th October 2021

There’s a plan that’s been put in place
Decided years ago, real and known
Paths set to further the human race
Historical analysis shows how we’ve grown
Allowances were made for deviations
When the train almost left the tracks
The firm bedrock for our foundations
Ensured the plan always had our backs
All the charlatans and fly by nights
Have long since been forgotten
War of words no longer become fights
And we stopped ourselves becoming rotten
Instead of an instant profit turned
Future generations were the consideration
Making sure that all history was learned
We came together to celebrate this creation

I see parallels between Asimov’s Foundation stories and the differences in the way the US and China plan their futures. It feels like the US system is constantly hamstrung by its election cycles and lack of consistent vision whereas China has its five-year plans and I think extending even further into the future.

What’s Cool and Unusual – 19th March 2014

Thu 20

107 Projects, 107 Redfern St, Redfern

The Spheres (Melb) + Haunts + Scissor Lock + special guests R. Electrique & Seth Rees


Thu 20

Mu-Meson Archives is at the Corner Parramatta Rd and Trafalgar St Annandale, at the back of King Furniture Building in Trafalgar st up the steel staircase. Phone 9517-2010
Doors 7.30 for 8pm start $10

Meson master Class
Surfs UP
Jay Katz Dj’s a set of rare surf instrumentals from around the world circa 1960s. Contemporaneously Miss Death will project surf wallpaper from the same era . Showcasing the distinct array of styles of the rock n roll instrumental, from Japan France, Belgium, Spain, Australia the USA and more.


Fri 21

Black Wire, 219 Parramatta Rd, Annandale

Idle Minds (Melb) / Meter Men (Melb) / The Ixodes / Alf Stewart


Sat 22

Sydney Anarchist Bookfair, Addison Road Community Centre, Marrickville

In 2 weeks time, Sydney will have its first-ever Anarchist Bookfair. The lineup of stalls and speakers is looking fantastic, with visitors from around Australia and the world. Plus there’ll be a great afterparty with a mixed bill of folk, bluegrass and punk at the Red Rattler.

Anarchist bookfairs started 30 years ago in London, and have since proliferated in over 50 cities worldwide. Why have they become so popular? Why do many more people go to anarchist bookfairs than conferences or meetings? Jay Kerr, one of the bookfair organisers, discusses these questions and more in a recently published short article, Anarchist Christmas comes to Australia.

Entry to the bookfair is free (although donations are welcome!). The bookfair is a safer space, the venue is accessible, and free certified childcare will be available. It’s being organised by Black Rose Library and Social Centre, Jura Books and other Sydney anarchists. If you’re interested in helping out, volunteers are still needed on the day and to poster in the lead-up. If you can help, send an email to But most importantly, come along on the day! And tell your friends (you could forward this email to them) and bring them too. All are welcome.

For the full timetable, check the Sydney Anarchist Bookfair website closer to the day:


Sat 22

Butterfly Mountain, Marrickville

Ether Rag, Chinese Burns Unit, Canine & Grey Places


Sun 23

Black Wire, 219 Parramatta Rd, Annandale
4pm $10 ALL AGES

Roku Music (Bris) / Beast And Flood / Sounds Like Sunset


Sun 23

Red Rattler, 6 Faversham St, Marrickville
8pm $5

Anarchist Book Fair After Party

Steppin’ Razor, The Lurkers, Forty Five

Alternative China – 6th March 2013

Alternative China tumblr

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