The Pudding – 9th September 2022

It’s said one reaps what they sow
And you’ve been poisoned by the fruit
Of the promised land you know
As the soil has infected the root
You wrestled for control by force
Claimed that you’d known best
The proof is in the pudding of course
Feeding a state of unrest
The future is not written in stone
But mistakes must be owned and reversed
Otherwise, you’ll end up alone
And seen as forever being cursed

Happy Times – 5th September 2022

I’m grateful you’ve been spared
In some way that was my doing
If you’d have stayed here
You’d soon discover troubles brewing
Wisdom came to me far too late
I know it was wrong to make you suffer
There’s no way to go back now
I am one and you are another
I’ll watch you from a distance
Happy you are happy and content
I’ll hang on to the memories
Of the happy times we spent