The Chiang Rai Alternative Hour #61 – 24th October 2020

The dumbest rock podcast on the internet as voted by everyone, everywhere. Dumber than the POTUS.

Highly curated, carefully selected and specifically ordered* for your listening edification by world-renowned DJtenzenmen, who has over 500 years of experience in this business.

This week there’s music from An Atomic Whirl, Diminished Men, Magma, Indian Jewelry, Liliput, KLS, Funkadelic, Bee Gees, Captain Sensible, The Skatallites, Unwound, Peter Black, Not From There, Dinosaur Jr, Nothing Painted Blue, Rudimentary Peni, MnM’s and KEN Mode.


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Primitive Calculators/Torturing Nurse – 16th March 2015

Cat #: 175TZM

Roland Barthes once said: “The ‘grain’ of the voice is not – or is not merely – its timbre; the signifiance it opens cannot better be defined, indeed, than by the very friction between the music and something else,” but who gives a shit? Torturing Nurse would sooner cough on you than speak to you, and they are most definitely not concerned with “music”, just the “some- thing else”. The “grain” here is the granular phlegm at the bottom of “vocalist” Junky’s throat, a choking, faltering reference to the body before the machine takes full control. For this music, you don’t need ears. You don’t even need a body, really. What would Barthes say about the grating grain of all voices at once? Music that’s been fed through the effect-chain meat grinder so many times it ceases to be readable as “music” and actually starts to sound like meat? Just GRIND, fine-ground, the last tiny pieces of humanity ebbing through the proverbial hourglass, grain by grain by grain. There’s no one left: just “Midnight, The Stars & You,” and the horrible, howling wind whipping rust particles through your pores until you’re more corroded metal than man.

Roland Barthes also said: “We know now that a text is not a line of words releasing a single ‘theological’ meaning (the ‘message’ of the Author-God) but a multi-dimensional space in which…  more

Frank Lovece – Vocals
Stuart Grant – Guitar / Vocals
Denise Hilton – Keyboards / Vocals
David Light – Bass
Andrea Blake – Rhythms / Vocals
additional vocals by Pocket Calculators featuring Grace, Velvet Sand (Siege-a & O-g-o), Fu and Stella Electrika

TORTURING NURSE is Junky – Noise

No Action – Never Close – 13th February 2014

Cat #: 132TZM

Adelaide stalwarts No Action return with the first single from their long-gestating, as-yet-untitled debut LP. The A-side, Never Close, refines their melodic punk influences into spiky, anthemic 90s college-rock territory. The B-side, Ride in the Whirlwind (exclusive to this release) slows the pace, offering jangly introspection and self-deprecating charm in equal measure. Another hook-laden 45 from one of Australia’s most prolific and underrated bands, this one-time pressing is limited to 100 copies. Sure to please fans of Silkworm, Archers of Loaf, Mission of Burma, Comet Gain et al. This one smarts.

Bamodi – Smell Heaven – 2nd October 2012

Cat #: 118TZM

Bamodi’s 19‐track second LP Smell Heaven (tenzenmen) is just under half an hour of throat­‐banging punk rock that flirts occasionally with power violence, pop and greyhound racing. There are some slow songs, fast songs, and an unlikely cover version of Beat Happening’s Ponytail.

Recorded by Wil Hooper and Matt Bairstow at Stable Sound. Mastered at Chicago Mastering Services.

Nikko – Gold and Red – 3rd July 2012

Cat #: 106TZM

‘Gold & Red’ is an album characterised as much by its melodic grace as by its pervasive sense of doom – recorded in the cavernous orchestral hall of Brisbane’s historic Old Museum with Cameron Smith (Velociraptor, No Anchor), mixed by Aaron Cupples (The Drones, Paul & Dan Kelly, SNOWMAN) and mastered by Nao Anzai (Laura, Because Of Ghosts, These Hands). The nine songs here recognise a growing maturity and depth that has been brought to life by the considered approach to the compositions.

Ryan Potter – vocals, electric & acoustic guitars
Sam Whiting – bass
Jackson Briggs – electric guitar, slide
Blair Westbrook – drums, percussion

Piano by Daniel Kassulke
Violin by Adam Cadell
Cello by Elanor Khan

Recorded by Cameron Smith at The Old Museum & Browning Street Studios in Brisbane, June/July 2011

Mixed by Aaron Cupples

Mastered by Naomune Anzai at Reel 2 Real Mix Master

Photography by Archie Moore
Layout & Design by Sam Whiting & Bronte Coates, with thanks to Trent Evans

Special thanks to Daniel Kassulke, Cam Smith, Nao Anzai, Adam Cadell, Elanor Khan, Jacinta Walker, Trent “Big Dog” Evans, Shaun Tenzenmen, Bronte Coates, Luke Smith, Tom Noakes & all of our wonderful friends & family, anyone who’s ever bought a recording, come to a show or let us sleep on their floor, and the Brisbane & Australian independent music community. Cheers!