What’s Cool and Unusual – 4th September 2013

Thu 5

Beatdisc Records, Church St, Parramatta

Michael Crafter, Dispolar, thedowngoing, The Holiday Project


Fri 6

Monster Mouse, Maud Lane, Marrickville
6pm $5 ALL AGES

palmer grasp
everything I own is broken
michael crafter
vile specimen
unknown to god
edward rodgrigues


Sat 7

Cosmo’s Rock Lounge, Marrickville
7.30pm ALL AGES

ANNOUNCEMENT: The 2013 Beard Election for President of Marrickville will be held at Deja. Get your beard to leave a post with an election poster / video / or fan page to nominate and be put on the ballot.

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Are you sick of politics? Holy shit, I know I am! Well we at Deja would like to offer you an alternative to crying in a corner this September 7th! THIS!

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September DEJA comprises of…


Ok, now get up, find your nice shoes and get your dancin’ slacks laundered.

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As always, entry is by DONATION

BYO – but food and drinks are also available by donation

Please help keep DEJA and other underground venues safe and under the radar by disposing of rubbish, looking after friends and strangers, respecting residents and neighbours, and not gathering on the street outside.

Spread the word.
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Like us: http://www.facebook.com/saturDEJA


Sat 7

Black Wire, 219 Parramatta Rd, Annandale

Darkhorse / Extinct Exist (VIC) / Thorax / Jackals / ACHE


Sat 7

Red Rattler, Faversham St, Marrickville
Doors and DJ from 4pm, bands from 5pm $15 entry.

All funds go directly to the autonomous indigenous Zapatista communities in Chiapas, Mexico.

Spurs for Jesus
Nunchukka Superfly
Everything I Own is Broken
Sweat & Shame
Conjunto Nortena
Justo Diaz
Alex Party-Cat

ABOUT THE GIG: It’s on again!! A bunch of awesome bands, DJs & volunteer staff have decided to get behind an extremely worthy cause and provide you with a fifth and final evening of “Music of Fire” at the fabulous community- oriented venue, The Red Rattler. And this time we are excited to welcome special guest musicians Julio Cienfuegos with his band & Justo Diaz, playing us tunes from The North of Mexico and South America. What a fitting honour! 🙂

Due to an overwhelmingly positive response from both the people of Sydney and the Zapatista communities in Mexico, we are now hosting Musica de Fuego V. Musica De Fuego is a Sydney based music collective aiming to raise funds and awareness for the indigenous Zaptista struggle in Chiapas. A group of us traveled to Mexico in the summer of 2012 and spent time working and connecting with the Zapatista people. They are overwhelmed and inspired by the support Musica has brought them, and gave us words of gratitude and solidarity which we passed on at Musica III. Some of us will return to Chiapas this December to meet again with our compas in Chiapas and we hope, apart from our willingness to work the land with them, that we can bring the greatest show of support from the people of Sydney yet.

OUR FUNDRAISING EFFORTS: WE have raised approximately $7000 over four gigs so far, all of which has been directly given to the Zapatista communities in Resistance. Our first gig, in July 2011, raised enough money to rebuild a community pharmacy that had burned down. Our second gig in December 2011 enabled us to provide an expensive boot-making machine for autonomous industry so that the Zapatistas can continue to work and function with no assistance from their “bad government”. Our third gig, which was held in June 2012, sent over $2000 to the jungle community we worked in early that year, to help various agricultural and educational projects in the area. Musica IV was sent to a Jungle community that needed to supply it’s “House of Health” and community school with equipment.We have negotiated the funding of these projects with the Zapatistas through the support of our friends at “Schools for Chiapas”. These projects exist in four separate municipalities, and there are five municipalities in total.

This final gig will raise funds to support the fifth municipality in the state of Chiapas, and we are currently in dialogue with “Schools for Chiapas” about which project the Zapatistas need the most urgent help with. We will have further information prior to the gig. After hosting Five “Musicas” we will have assisted all five municipalities in the Zapatista territories to establish or maintain autonomy in health, education and industry.We will have information displayed so you can see what our (YOUR) efforts have achieved.

This important connection between the Zapatistas and the Sydney music scene is something we hope to foster for some time. Even though this is the last Musica as we know it, we plan to host more fund raising events sometime in the future. We also hope to forge some kind of connection with our own indigenous communities and the Zapatistas, the more we learn about their struggle first hand.

These inspirational people, with their strength, solidarity and dignity, have survived serious human rights injustices for decades. Formed predominantly by indigenous peasant farmers, the Zapatistas, on January 1st 1994, demanded an end to the violent repression they had suffered and forced a corrupt government to recognise them as citizens with rights to their own land.

The government betrayed them, however, after agreeing to enshrine indigenous rights into the Mexican constitution and then failing to follow through. So the Zapatistas put into practice alternative forms of government, social and economic self-management where wealth and power are distributed fairly. They get no assistance whatsoever from the Mexican Government. Instead, they are persecuted for their beliefs and live under constant threat of attack, torture, imprisonment and even and murder by government backed paramilitaries whom they continue to resist in a peaceful manner.

Come to the Rattler for a mad night of music on the 22nd December and let the dignified people of Chiapas know that we continue to support their struggle!


Sun 8

Chatswood Youth Centre, cnr Victor St and Albert Ave
$10 2pm ALL AGES

Survival, Civil War, Mood Swing, Distance, Hurt Unit

What’s Cool and Unusual – 24th July 2013

Thu 25

Forenzics, 8pm
Colbourne Ave – 37-47 St Johns Rd, Glebe

Free-improv with trumpet, bass, guitar, drums. Cinematic, hypnotic and unpredictable landscapes of sound.

They are a force to be reckoned with, taking the audiences on a journey, sometimes wild and tumultuous, sometimes soothing, fragile and hypnotically beautiful.



Thu 25

Mu-Meson Archives is at the Corner Parramatta Rd and Trafalgar St Annandale, at the back of King Furniture Building in Trafalgar st up the steel staircase (OR IS IT ALUMINIUM?). Phone 9517-2010
Doors 7.30 for 8pm start $10

Meson Master Class
WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS: Unforgettable Characters Book Launch and Talks.
Author Michael Spann will discuss the recently republished ‘William S. Burroughs Unforgettable Characters’ focusing on Burroughs’ Mexican lawyer, Bernabe Jurado (whose work ensured Burroughs only served 13 days for the shooting of his common law wife {champion?}, Joan Vollmer) and the infamous narcotraficante, Lola ‘La Chata’ (who appears as Lupita in a host of Burroughs’ work). Author Jack Sargeant on WSB and sound. Plus: A rare and special film screening.


Thu 25

The Red Rattler Theatre, 6 Faversham St, Marrickville



Teenaged emotional house diva Namine’s debut album “Celestial Love” (Bossman Records) is a Wagnerian outpouring of pathos if ever I saw one and we are ever saddened to launch his epic trance ballads in live form.

Joining Namine are sad sacks Golden Blonde who are soon releasing their debut album, “Gwen” on Tenzenmen.

Opening up the night we have a devastating lineup of writers revisiting the saddest, most embarrassingly overwrought poetry of their youth. There’ll be an OPEN MIC section for this, post in the event or sign up on the night for the opportunity to shed the very fabric of your soul onto an unsuspecting public.

All this on a Thursday, the saddest night of the week.


Fri 26

Mu-Meson Archives
Doors 7.30 for 8pm start $10

I’m totally Wired
Mark E. Smith and the History of the Fall
Would you believe that The Fall IS John Peel’s favorite band? Tonight we explore the life of Mark E. Smith and the ever changing line up of The Fall. Probably the most uncompromising act to be spawned in Britain and definitely one of the finest examples of musical outsider art.


Fri 26

Red Rattler, 5 Faversham St, Marrickville
$10 8pm

Octopus Pi & Lost Race Records (QLD) are stoked to collaborate in presenting a night of solid, dual-city music. We don’t get Cobwebbs & Nite Fields around these parts too often so put this in your calendar!

COBWEBBS (QLD) – https://www.facebook.com/cobwebbbbs
Brisbane hypno-tsunamic of ultrasonic noise. With two 7″s and one sold out 12″ LP under their belt, they bring their psychedelic pop songs to the city of Sydney, for a rare show!

NITE FIELDS (QLD) – https://www.facebook.com/nitefields
Adultered art-rock/post-punk/ambient/electronic ala a high Roland S Howard fucking a drunk Enya!

FAMILY – https://www.facebook.com/familyaus
MILKK – https://www.facebook.com/Milkk


Presented by Octopus Pi: http://www.facebook.com/octopsupi
and Lost Race Records: https://www.facebook.com/lostrace
Very cool poster by Colin J Thompson!


Sat 27

Black Wire, 219 Parramatta Rd, Annandale




Sat 27

Broken Hive and Chatswood Youth Centre Present
1PM – 5PM
$10 on the door.

“Fresh Air/Dead Lungs” Launch Tour
With Special Guests
Hearts Like Wolves
Clipped Wings
Final Frontier
Corrupt Minds
Chatswood YouthCentre


Sat 27

62 Constitution Rd, Dulwich Hill
2pm $5 ALL AGES

School Shooting, Frame 313, Hannah Band, Ramps, Christ Fetish

Going off! – 22nd May 2011

Chatswood Youth Centre went off last night, rammed with kids!

13th May 2011 – Not sure who was playing and I was probably just passing by to grab some dinner but it was great to see kids coming out to check out the music and for a while, shows were happening there almost once a month. Picture is taken from a video of Legions playing there at some other time.

The Thaw at Chatswood Youth Centre – 13th April 2006

16th May 2021 – I’d forgotten about these shows. Having caught the show organising bug and wanting to stay out of the pub and bar venues as much as possible I decided to approach my local youth centre, just a minutes walk away from home, as they had just built a rehearsal room for aspiring musicians. I ended up doing three or four shows here but others took over to continue the legacy and I would often walk past some evenings or weekends and the Centre would be packed with young hardcore kids listening to their friends bands playing in the corner of the room. I felt very proud that I had played a part in getting that happening, even though the music wasn’t much to my tastes.

From the Thaw blogspot:

to celebrate the opening of a new rehearsal space at chatswood youth centre we’re taking part in a massive “rock vs hip-hop” night of all ages splendour. its us and colatia and chaosmaths, and a rad doco screening too.

we be bringing the forces of ‘rock’ to the suburbs on thursday 13th april. the night kicks off at around 6pm and in a whirlwind will finish somewhere near 8pm. its only $5 to witness the radness with all proceeds going towards helping the youth. and no excuses – its only 5 mins from chatwood train station so utilise public transport children.