Poems on this day – 28th July 1988


Watch the seas roll and fall
Ancient mariner’s screaming call
Something built that falls apart
Ending something which didn’t start
Today’s sandcastles, tomorrow’s memories

Hooded Justice

Can you compete against crime
Without turning into a criminal?
Can you stand by, all the time
Watching others destroy it all?
Who watches the watchmen?


Colours of your holiday paradise
Beautiful seas that fall and rise
See something that looks real nice
Have it for half the price
Buy it as your Turkish Delight
You know it’s gotta be right
Give someone a nice surprise
You know these Turks are wise


Picked up a bible the other day
Someone just told me a story
Just seemed the same
Had a friend who went away
Said I’ve heard it before
Just another game


Sometimes the lines are drawn
Between dusk and dawm
Between reality and fantasy
Between truth and lies
Between earth and skies
The difference is
No one cares
And someone cares