Time’s Up – 21st April 2022

Hello friend, I’m just passing through
But I’m grateful that I got to know you
Thick as thieves, inseparable brothers
One and the same in the eyes of others
So friend, we never got to say farewell
Something happened, neither of us could tell
We didn’t mean to but life pulls in different ways
Memories remain the only thing that stays

There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.

F.D. Roosevelt

Furious G – 18th January 2022

You said you loved me
And wanted me to grow
That’s just what I did
So that soon I would know
You never really believed it
Your words were purely fake
To make yourself feel superior
In the image that you make
The things you can’t control
Frustrating you no end
Face your rejection, unless
To your will, they bend
Empty words now revealed
You’ve thrown off your disguise
Shown for what you really are
As your true colour flies
Carry on manipulating
Those cast under your spell
But it’s a conditional love
Where the stress begins to tell
Already old before your time
One day you’ll walk alone
Leaving friends to wonder why
Your heart was filled with stone

Most neuroses can be traced to the unhealthy habit of wallowing in the troubles of five billion strangers.

Jubal, A Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein

The Balance – 25th July 2021

The less ideas you get, the more friends you’ll have
But the more friends you have, the more ideas you’ll get
This is a strange dilemma for me to deal with
And I haven’t found the best way to balance it yet

The first line is lifted from the ‘Abe – Wrong for the Right Reasons’ by Glenn Dakin

We dreamed of better things – 4th August 2020

Active brain this morning. Shattered – try to do Drops* but distracted with things at school. Nothing important – just remembering things but coming and going all the time.

Brain jukebox is When Chimps Attack – not sure why – but enjoying it! We’ve been here three years now and I have memory flashbacks to Sydney that make me miss it a little sometimes.

First IELTS lesson for Kelly last night. I did well. I put too much pressure on myself really. She needs a lot of work – maybe not ready, so thinking about how to adapt the curriculum.

Okay, exercise time.

*Drops is a language-learning app and was part of my morning routine for quite a while.

Gratitude Journal

I am so happy and grateful to have friends around the world who can help me grow.

The Chiang Rai Alternative Hour #20 – 11th January 2020

Music from The Reactionaries, Alternative TV, Neutral Sons, Polvo, Peter Black, Hilkka, The Fartz, Elvis Costello, Captain Sensible, Rogues, Graham Parker and the Rumour, Radio Nepal, Orthrelm, Arcwelder, Guapo, Minutemen, McClusky.

Gratitude Journal

I am so happy and grateful to Oh and Nantang to let me stay at their house last night. It saved me money and trouble and they are nice people.

We got that attitude! – 1st January 2020

Thankfully, I didn’t drink much last night so woke up early and started doing a few things and the day has ended up quite well. A few ideas for more things I’d like to do this year. Slowly, my man cave is getting in order.

Gratitude Journal

I am so happy and grateful to my old friends, who are busy now, as we all are, but haven’t forgotten about me. I won’t forget about them either.

Weight: 80.5kg
Resting heart rate: 47

My friend Rosie, in Sydney, posted on facebook an offer to draw/paint pictures to send to friends and so I picked Jochen (Hinterlandt), Kyaw Kyaw (Rebel Riot) and Lachlan (Art As Catharsis). I can’t recall if I arranged for her to send out the actual pictures too but they all received them digitally around this time. A great philanthropic idea for sure and I was very happy to take Rosie up on her offer.

Who needs action when you’ve got words? – 25th December 2019

After a busy and tiring Sunday, I’ve been struggling this week. I’ve just started to get my energy back but not quite there mentally. If I look at the last couple of days properly I can probably realise that everything has been going along as normal. Perhaps I’ve reached a kind of plateau at the moment and the next steps will require perseverance as the improvements in my life will be smaller. Who needs action when you’ve got words?

Gratitude Journal

I am so happy and grateful to have friends all around the world. Thankful for technology that makes it easy for us to communicate.