Oddhamshaw Style – 21st February 1994

Oh, what beauty I wake with, wrapped in her smooth tentacles.  A delight to behold in hazy mornlight.  A flicked switch lets us ten minutes more ponder dreams just dreamt and what’s in store.

When finally eyes open full through sleepy dust Sandman left, I rush towards her lips to welcome the new day.  Soon sadness takes her as she prepares her head for the assault of new studies.  I humour her softly and we both understand.

My day away from her is frantic and if adrenaline could be tapped I’d sell you a barrel.  When our paths cross once more she is chef and smiling in anticipation of our evening ahead.  This cold old blown night sees us streaking off to pump iron with guys who’ve pumped iron too hard.  We opt for more gentle affairs as rowboats, cycles and steps set our hearts a-booming in our ears and we leave satisfied we’ve fit ourselves in ten short minutes – but we are properly happy this first hurdle has been taken.

download (4).jpg

Dinner on laps we watch skaters ice skating for medals decided on some pompous judges opinions.  Who shall so decide what is best?  Let’s value each and every performance for what it is.  I enjoyed it all, not caring about placings or pride.

Now my Broni sleeps dog day tired while I write away and wonder what else I may do.  I do not wish to disturb her so I may just slide down beside her once naked and light turned off.

Goodnight dear reader; I hope you, too, find happiness as I.