One day I’ll go so fast I’ll disappear, I’ll leave a trail of dust behind me – 26th December 2002

Jervis Bay, raining – it looks sad but the rain is good.

But the rain bothered me too. What made me turn around – the nagging doubt of having a good time? The comforts of home? The beer in the fridge? Anyway, the rain is enough of a dampener to truncate this little trip.

14th Mar 2022 – Christmas was never a great time for me when I was living on my own. No one else was around to do things with even though everyone was on holiday. In fact, if I could, I preferred to be working through these holidays, especially if it paid double. Christmas 2002 though I think I spent alone and I decided that on Boxing day I would go a long drive, seeing if I could get down the coast as far as Victoria.

It was an attempt to dispel the dark within but on this day I couldn’t run far enough before being sucked back to my own familiar comforting hell. Rain played its part and whatever music I had loaded up in the portable CD player wasn’t enough to brighten my mood to continue. So, to home, I returned after a 6 or 7-hour turnaround.

I was hoping to get down to the bottom of this map – but didn’t even make it halfway!