Bauhaus, Danse Society at Poole Arts Centre – 11th October 1982

Concert setlist found here:
1, Third Uncle
2, Silent Hedges
3, In Fear of Fear
4, The Spy In The Cab
5, Honeymoon Croon
6, Of Lillies And Remains
7, Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
8, Antonin Artaud
9, The Passion of Lovers
10, The Three Shadows Part II.
11, Kick In The Eye
12, In The Flat Field
13, Hollow Hills
14, Stigmata Martyr

23rd May 2022 – According to the above-linked website, someone even has a recording of this set. It’s a pretty great setlist. I have two memories of this show. First, was Peter Murphy dropping down to the floor and being consumed by the overbearing dry ice, to which I stupidly shouted out in the quiet of the ending song, ‘That’s much better!’ And then, at the end, the lights went up and as I had experienced at the only other 4 shows, everyone stamped their feet for an encore which was duly ignored, to much booing. As pre-recorded music was piped in I shouted ‘We paid for live music!’ which drew a modicum of appreciation from those around me. It was a great gig and everyone really did want more because it was so good.

The Clash, Dancette at Poole Arts Centre – 27th July 1982

12th May 2022 – Looking for info on this show, I discovered that the poster for the attached image sold for more than £1,600!

Another band played this show too but I don’t remember and can’t find any other information.

My mum would’ve taken Rupert and me down to this and picked us up afterwards. I wonder now, what she was doing during the time we were there. Did she go home or go and hang out somewhere? If it was me (now) I would’ve found something to do nearby although, admittedly, back then there wasn’t much else to do except go to the pub. I guess there’s not much else to do even now but people can keep themselves occupied fiddling with their phones whilst waiting. I’d take a book.

I don’t remember anything about this show. I just have a snapshot in my head of a blurry stage and Mick Jones on the left. I’m sure I enjoyed it though. Rupert and I would’ve been pogoing like mad punks were supposed to.

Altered Images, Vic Godard at Poole Arts Centre – 25th May 1982

13th May 2022 – Like many other young teen boys, I was infatuated with Clare Grogan from Altered Images. She was just the cutest thing to me. But more than that was the band’s first single, ‘Dead Popstars’ and its b-side ‘Sentimental’ which, unfortunately, outshined all their forthcoming songs, though there were one or two cool tunes on their first album. After that, it all went a bit too commercial for my tastes.

At the time I had taken to wearing fingerless gloves which my mum would knit for me. I was still figuring out my punk fashion style but for sure would have dressed up as if to impress, so I thought. In a fit of joy, bopping around near the front of the crowd, I took off a glove and threw it on stage, where it brushed against the lovely Ms Grogan’s leg. I have an image in my mind of lots of detritus being on stage so perhaps others were throwing things too, which would seem a bit odd for a well-behaved crowd of teenyboppers in attendance.

Anyway, after the last song and many people heading for the exit, I lent over the barricade and asked the nearest bouncer to grab my glove back for me and so it was I held in my hand an object which had touched the gorgeous Clare Grogan’s leg, not to be washed for many weeks afterwards, until the smell became unbearable.

Friday night’s here, what’s the scene? – 29th January 1982

Stiff Little Fingers
Flying Padovanis

Poole Arts Centre, Poole, Dorset

19th Oct 2021 – My very first concert. Mum dropped me and Rupert at the Arts Centre around 7pm and would come back around 10.30pm to pick us up again. There were people everywhere. This was still a time when entertainment was not at anyone’s fingertips and folks would save their money for events like this and make a night of it. We were rowdy 14-year-olds on what felt somewhat like unknown territory.

My only recollection of the Flying Padovani’s was a bald guy on stage. Their music passed me by like a familiar b-movie, anticipating the real deal.

Stiff Little Fingers had made a big impression on me back in 1980 with their ‘Nobody’s Heroes’ album and seeing them perform ‘At The Edge’ on Top of the Pops. Intelligent lyrics and rousing choruses, melodic guitars and galloping rhythms.

By 1982 they had already released their third album ‘Go For It’, another classic, and were touring around this new ‘Listen’ EP. Although the recording felt a lot more restrained than previously, they were still writing great songs and they translated perfectly for the live experience.

Our skinny bodies were adept at squeezing our way near the front and the hall was rammed with people. When SLF came on I learned something that many have noted since, that the floor at the Art Centre was sprung, or at least felt that way. Jammed side by side with other sweaty youthful punks and rockers, the whole front of the audience pogoed and bounced in rhythm with the songs. It was impossible to fall over, everyone was packed in so tight. It was so exhilarating.

I was rapt from start to finish and asked my mum to buy me an SLF silk scarf which I still have.

Rupert and I in celebratory mood