If there was some sense to make I’d try and understand – 26th November 2019

What makes you most excited?

When I first looked at this question I found within myself a general lack of excitement. Not in a bad way. I enjoy many many things that I do or can do but there’s nothing in particular that makes me excited. Everything at the moment is giving me great satisfaction.

The one main thing I have planned is to organise a tour for Kevin from Trumans Water and we’ve been talking about it for a while and yesterday I started contacting the first promoters and the first show kinda fell together so quickly and easily that it has given me confidence in being able to make it work and to do a good job.

I’m looking forward to visiting a couple of new places such as Kota Kinabalu and Yogyakarta. I’m also looking forward to hanging out with Kevin as Trumans Water has been a favourite band of mine for a long time. I still feel a sense of adventure stronger than a sense of excitement though.

Gratitude Journal

I am so happy and grateful to Kru Tam to help me fix some things at school so that I can teach the lessons I want to teach. Some of the rooms don’t have video set up properly and a technician needs to come and fix the TV screens. Thankfully Kru Tam is there to help me sort it out.

18 Apr 2021 – None of the things that would have helped me got fixed in the end and I had to come up with other ideas. But at least the Thai teachers looked as if they were helping me!

AustralAsia DIY Tour Circuit – 15th January 2009

Posted to the White Noise Facebook Page:

The Australasia DIY Tour Circuit is a web resource to help bands and artists make contact throughout the region. We’re always looking for new and up to date information so feel free to register and add or make use of the info that’s already there 🙂

Using the Wayback Machine you can get a good idea of the information that I had gathered here.

23rd Oct 2021 – I started collating data for this resource around 2004 or 2005. After finding it relatively easy to make contacts to organise the Australian and New Zealand tour for Limited Express (has gone?) somehow I became the person to contact for other folks who wanted to do the same thing. I thought it better to just have all the information available online for anyone to work out for themselves.

My job had become another situation of just making sure everything works OK and follow the ‘If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’ methodology so that for about two years straight I had very little to do in the office so I went off researching the internet and making contacts throughout the whole Asia region and a few folks made use of this info to organise their own tours.