Glorious Journey – 2nd June 2021

Those trying days are nothing
Our ego is satisfied in opposition
The clouds become meaningless
When you make the right decision
New pain is distraction
Putting darkness into perspective
A re-uniting force for us
We realise was already an elective
So choose the lighter path
To ease life’s journeyed story
Balance out the me and us
Together we shine in our glory

Poems on this day – 24th May 2021

‘Dol Day

You make my time fly by
Slow and low but disappear
Mind expanding night sky
It’s never now, it’s never here
Clear focus, unsure intent
Every detail thought about
Bigger pictures represent
My confusions, all my doubt
Mind held in meditation
Two strands, all at once
It’s my weekend recreation
Gonna slow down, quick response
A balanced see-saw
Numbed half out, half in
Real tears are real no more
But you can’t see me laughing
Face flat, a blank space
Though I’m just feeling pleasure
Go along in good grace
Make a monkish measure

Point Five

I got a point five
Writing got thinner
Point five on this page
Surely is a winner

*The .7 was bleeding through the page. The .5 is good for this paper I’m writing on at the moment.

Angels in the Backyard

Down here at the ground floor
Snacking on an oily garlic bread
Watching skinny mid-riffs floating by
Not understanding what they said
Filled with food and a feast for eyes
Wipe the dripping from my chin
Unmasked for everyone to see
Central to absolutely everything
Make a mental not to self
Let no opportunity go to waste
Sat amongst the spices of life
That I may neither touch nor taste
Washed down with refreshing water
There was never any doubt
Lunch is meant for rooms like this
Fill on up and move on out


I’m proud of you – confessing my allegiance
That’s strange and unreasonable
Times past, irrelevant and small

As one gets older – one needs reassurances
Not always entirely reasonable
In order to go at all

*Re-arrangement of text from Ursula LeGuin’s ‘The Dispossessed’

Poems on this day – 19th May 2021

Work Moderately, Play Moderately

Our tendency to compromise
Our choreographed shedding of inhibitions
Our sheer ordinariness
With some notable exceptions
Our eccentricities are conformist
We are neither ‘sir’ nor ‘card’
Everything in moderation
We neither work nor play hard
Far from wild and reckless
We rely on rare risk takers
We are cautious and unadventurous
Not really movers and shakers
Oh, our English dis-ease
That others misunderstand as such
As long as they don’t bother us
Thank you very much!

*Almost all this text is manipulated from pg 551 of ‘Watching the English’ by Kate Fox – so, being English I must talk about the weather…

35 and Relief

Sweat trickled down my chest
My eyes were sweating too
The storm clouds soon disappeared
The skies now a whitish blue
I never thought it could happen
To feel my sweating teeth
Thank god, the temperature dropped
To 35 and relief

Giles in the World

In economic globalisation
We seldom wonder where
Our vegetables are grown
Nor do we even care
Trade among our nations
Faceless labour makes
Can you name your farmer?*
And what their effort takes

*This inspirational line is also from ‘Watching the English’ which I had just finished reading and then started on Ursula Le Guin’s Dispossessed, whose introduction page led to this….

New Settler

A self exiled society
Had taken one step away
Yet he had taken two

The certainty of isolation
He lived his life day by day
Without his common crew

A sacrifice for greater good
To show them a better way
Stood upright and true

Asserted his true condition
Wherever his hat may lay
Somehow he always knew

He stood by himself
With little left for him to say
And nothing left to do