We got that attitude! – 25th September 2019

I dreamt I couldn’t find my socks so that I could go to school/work. Mum was there, although, I didn’t see her. She made me feel calm and I understood to work methodically to find them. I think my mum taught me patience – I surely tested hers.

Hayden will come to visit soon. I hope he can take away some life lessons from me. I should plan some things to talk with him.

Gratitude Journal

I learnt today that the sun still rises. No matter what. The old adage ‘it will pass’ is consistent, even if it doesn’t feel like it at times. I am grateful to the kids in my class. Day to day they don’t give a shit, yesterday’s problems are forgotten.

18th Feb 2021 – Sometimes I need an ego reset. Resume child-like wonder! This time was tough for me and I’m reminded now of one girl in another class getting really upset and angry at another student who made fun of her skin colour. I comforted her and told her she was a beautiful person and not to ever forget that. She looked up to me a lot after that. But now, I look up to her, as she and the bully run around playing together still.

Poems on this day – 15th June 1988

Blind Date

Set up for a night with fate
Seeing someone on a blind date
You know it could be love or hate
So excited I just can’t wait
But I maybe in a state
Get out before it’s too late


Wonder stuff from the wonder boy
Of shit
Knew everything about nothing
But never failed to impress
Of shit
Knew something about everything
Something more
Nothing less

Settle Down Lads

I beat up me mates
At the match last week
Got real pissed
And a curry to eat
Even though England can’t play
Great Britain’s gonna have it’s day
Hooliganism will lead the way
Britain will be great some day
Settle down lads
It’s the second half
Out on the streets
Let’s have a laugh
Kick his fuckin’ head in
Smash his fuckin’ face
Britain will be great one day


Argh – good clean fun
Shower – bullets from a gun
Thorn – in my side
Born – screaming inside

21 Later

When you take a test
It is for courage and strength
Not for trust and emotion
When they are obsessed
Power is length and breadth
And deeper than the ocean
21 Hiroshimas later
Will we have learned our lesson?
21 later


Frank Bough
Don’t scoff
He needs the money
Selina Scott
Should be shot
Now that’s funny

Shame You Died (4 D Boon)

You brought love to the world
Gave us some kind of hope
When the chips were down
You could help us cope

Not Much

Not much going on right now
But they say a lot is too much
I’d like to try and walk alone
Don’t want your god-damn crutch

Follow That Car

High speed chase
Hand to wheel embrace
Sweat pouring down your face
Tyre rubber burns
Sixty mile-an-hour turns
Crashed – caught – learned