The Week That Was – 23rd September 1979

Record of the week: Dickies – Knights In White Satin
Chart entries: Buggles – 24, Blondie – 7

14th Jul 2022 – The Dickies kept rolling out awesome singles this year, this one a precursor to their second album and another great punk rendition of a classic tune. The only downside is that the b-side is a track from the first album. The Buggles new wave one-hit wonder ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ was making its run-up to number one and the Blondie track Dreaming was when I started losing interest in them as they fully hit the slick pop sound. Looking up the Buggles they had a couple of albums and a bunch of singles though none of them I’ve heard of.

23rd September 1979
(15th after Trinity – Autumnal Equinox)
But it’s still winter
2p 2p 264p*

14th Jul 2022 – I have no idea what 15th after Trinity means but it’s interesting to me that this information was in the diary. It’s kind of like a nugget of information that might send a child to a parent to seek more knowledge. It feels to me like this type of accidental/incidental learning is missing these days though I obviously have little current experience with being 11 or using a proper English diary.

24th September 1979
Fucking hell. How I hate school
2p 2p 260p*

14th Jul 2022 – Was it me or was it school? I definitely changed my attitude toward school over the ages of 10-12 and then by the age of 13 I hit full teenage delinquency and developed a contradictory personality that annoyed the help out of my mother for a year or so.

25th September 1979
It’s not so bad today
Went on a fungi hunt

26th September 1979

27th September 1979
1. Police
2. Cars
3. Bellamy Bros
4. Dollar
5. ELO
6. Cliffie
7. Blondie
8. Commodores
9. Crusaders
10. Frantique

28th September 1979

29th September 1979
Palace 4-1 Ipswich
2p 2p

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